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  1. There's an App for that...

    That was class.
  2. S4 alloys up for grabs

    Damn why didn't I log on yesterday grrrr, I really missed out on these. Does anyone else have a set for sale?
  3. Ambient LED retrofitted

    My rear light is just a single on/off light, it doesn't have seperate map reading style lights. So I have no space to drill out for the leds to shine from if that makes sense, could I change the rear light without changing the wiring does anyone know?
  4. Retrofit heated seats

    I'd like to do this to my B7 Saloon too. I know you have to get the heating pads from audi, a loom and a new climate control panel with the heated seat switches in it.
  5. Hi guys, I have a 2005 B7 2.0tdi s-line and the pads and disks are coming to the end of their lives, I have been thinking of upgrading them to an S4 set up before I get a remap. I want a B6/7 set up but its very hard to find these second hand, so are there any other cars that use the same set up? I have heard the R32 MkV uses the same set up but the part numbers aren't the same would they still fit? Any information and or help would be appreciated
  6. What kit is this?

    Its the GMBH or votex kit that was an audi accessory. Over here every second a4 has one, its a bit common. I think audi dont sell them anymore either, try ebay maybe.
  7. headlight question

    Ah I didn't see you were from Ireland! In that case just get the cheap adapter and the headlights off ebay.
  8. Cruise Control - Retro fitting to A4

    The lower cowling part number is 8E0 953 512 P ( But I know thats for my colour, if you give your chassis number they will tell you the colour code) There is a cruise control kit that the dealer should also be able to look up on the system. And then coding is the final part of it. Check here for an install guide > http://www.harddrive.plus.com/Documents/A4/A4%20Cruise%20Control.pdf
  9. headlight question

    yes you can buy the lights from ebay or a dealer and use this KUFATEC GmbH adapter. But to use them legally they should be auto leveling and have headlight washers.
  10. B7 Multifunction steering wheel Retrofit

    Would you have the part number for the new wiring harness by any chance?

    I just retrofitted DIS including washing sensor and crusie to my 2005 B7 a4 2.0tdi and I want to say thanks to everyone who posted in this thread because i wouldn't have been able to complete it without all the advice posted above.