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  1. Rs4

    That's exactly right - you just don't realise how quick it is until you look at the speedo! I remember driving down to a corporate trackday thing at Goodwood in the RS4 this summer and getting straight into a fezza 360. I remember thinking 'I reckon my car is quicker than this!'
  2. Rs4

  3. Age and car

    I'm 29 and have a Cayman S, got the RS4 at 27 which was fun on the insurance front...
  4. yep - although I rather like the one they made me
  5. to some extent yes, but hedge funds nevertheless have a high risk profile (you have to tick that box!), and it's rarely pension money (I'm an asset manager on a £1bn pension fund) that gets invested in them, even on the institutional side. Put simply the guys who tried to be a bit too clever got made to look anything but...
  6. to be fair if you've got money in a hedge fund you accept that with big returns come big risks...time for the bears to realise that shorting stock is not always the way to get filthy rich
  7. by shafting a few people who, frankly, had it coming :assfecking:
  8. Scamera Van Heads Up

    keep an eye out on this stretch as they're often there - esp on the side of the westbound carriageway opposite the Hoover - there's a gatso (40 mph) that everyone speeds up after passing (next gatso is 50 mph) and they nab everyone doing it
  9. mk4 -> 330 -> mk5

    RS4s do not dyno well at all, the results tend to come out all over the place
  10. I want YOUR help!

    haha! fair enough...this would be fun in a brown trouser kind of way Quickars Ltd : 6.0 VXR V8
  11. I want YOUR help!

    So much choice in that price bracket! Not suggesting these cars but two mins on PH shows the variety... left field Newport Imports (USA) Ltd : FORD MUSTANG New & Unregistered 2008 yr model 4x4 cemetery road motor co ltd : BMW X5 3.0d Sport 5dr Auto sensible Shaks Specialist Cars Ltd : AUDI A4 3.0 TDi Quattro S Line 5dr retirement material Lilly and Constable : Mercedes E280 cdi Avantgarde
  12. Another 'what car' thread...

    Thanks for the replies and the advice fellas The Omega isn't one I'd thought about - good shout though and I can believe they are very good cruisers so will have a closer look Edo - the old 3ers are defo something that I've looked at - I just worry about them a bit at this price point in terms of how much they have left to give/ have been abused. Also I didn't realise the old 320s were 6 pots - is it a nice smooth engine? The one that's really got me thinking is the Pajero/ Shogun shout. Both my folks and Mrs OliFH live in the sticks and it's the first time in a long time that my main car will struggle with all the mud and water. I've seen a couple privately that seem quite tidy - anyone with much experience of these? Cheers again Oli
  13. I'm thinking about buying a runabout to take some of the London car-parking dings and the odd 300 mile-ish round trip as I want to keep the porkie as my 'special' car :smileylove: Criteria are; * Ideally as cheap as possible, but not more than £1500 * Reliable (clearly I am realistic in this price bracket!) as I am no mechanic * Enough refinement to make trips from London to Exeter without wanting to kill myself I have been thinking Golf VR6/ 16v gti, Corrado G60, 306 turbo d... Any ideas? Will everything at this price point be a money pit? Are the VR6 autos terrible? All advice gratefully received
  14. And another one...

    stop laughing fools
  15. Looking at an RS4 Avant tomorrow

    Spec sounds good - only comments are that silver is not the most desirable on the RS, the aluminium inlays aren't as nice as the carbon (not a big deal), and does it have the flat bottom wheel a la lambo? The wheel IS a big deal - it's a ballache to change and they don't seem to sell well without them. Other thing to get checked is the DRC system. As per the old RS6 the shocks leak and the system fails - lots of threads on rs246.com on this. Oh and great choice of car! HTH