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  1. I hate Lotus Notes. Right now I want to archive/transport emails in bulk. What I really want is Notes’ .pst equivalent functionality. Is there a way to pack emails into files in the way you can with outlook psts? Will I be able to make a file that’s readily usable on outlook at home? Ta in advance
  2. 3 Series Washer Bottle

    Didn't realise there was one in the top - mine certainly Isn't visible. The one at the bottom, buried in the very innards of the car as Mac says, gunks up and gets blocked due to reactions between different washer fluids, apparently. Given how hard it is to access it's a lot easier to stick to one brand although I reckon pumping hot water through the bottle will probably also clear the filters.
  3. Dear Motorpunk, I go away for a while and you've clearly lost the Füchsing plot. Good luck with your new endeavour. M
  4. I've, err, bent it. Again. A bit.

    Try and drive down the middle of the track next time. HTH
  5. I need one. I could do with four. I'm out of touch, I don't know what/where SRS is but I'd rather buy a 2nd hand wheel from TSN, where I trust. I say 'trust', what I mean is that I can persecute people to the end of the earth easily here should anything go wrong
  6. washer jets not working...

    Had this myself last month, its a common BMW (and Renault, among others) fault. Easy to fix, pain in the arse to access. In English: Your washer reservoir will have two pumps built into it, one for headlights, one for windscreen, each with an inline filter between pump and tank. The windscreen one is the lower of the two and is sited there to pull as much of that water out. Unfortunately these are known to gunk up due to crud that accumulates in the tank and more specifically chemical reactions between differering detergents. BMW say you should use their screen wash and there might be some merit. Symptoms are the sound of the pump running but a measly dribble of water onto the screen. Once you've gained access to the area, its a simple drain, remove filter (being careful not to drop filter into tank), then clean filter, rinse and refill tank and reassemble. Unfortunately to access the tank you have to remove the right front wheel, disassemble the wheel arch liners, remove the rear one and probe a little deeper. BMW would want c. £150 to do this, so I'd take it to a local indy that will do the job easily and charge you a fraction of that. If you have this problem and are anywhere near High Wycombe I can put you in touch with my man that will do it for a few quid.
  7. That would be most kind of you Antonio. Happy to donate to the Handcuff fund. How in need of a refurb? The other 3 aren't exactly looking new - a perfect wheel will stick out like a sore thumb! ps How the FOOK can you lose an alloy wheel?? Its complicated. Noo Yes Thanks but sounds far too complicated!
  8. To say I'm bored of this snow is an understatement. I've probably used the car for 2 days in the last month (although that did include a week out of the country at xmas) and so was itching to give it a runout last Friday. It was a couple of days after the worse of the snowfall but there was still masses of residual snow. Anyway, had a meeting in Herts about 20m north of me and although common sense said don't do it, I was desperate to get the car out and see what it was like in the snow. Plus, much better than training all the way into London and training out again. Here's the situation on Friday morning - looked like quite a silly idea... Took a while to dig the car out but eventually, got to my meeting bang on time and with no drama at all. Journey there was 2/3 motorway and 1/3 B road but it was all gritted (and I made sure I followed a bus route) and zero problems - it did feel like there wasn't much margin for error though. Was sure to park up in the main High St and not on any side roads. Had a nice long lunch and then left some 3 hours later and oh how different. I'm not sure whether it was cold tyres (now not pre-warmed on the motorway) or if the temp had dropped a couple of degrees but suddenly it was awful. The M3 is, to be honest, utterly, unequivocably rubbish in any kind of marginal conditions. I'm not talking about snow drifts either - just frosted roads with a little snow and at worst a covering of slush with clearly marked tyre lines through to the asphalt. On hills I couldn't use more than about 5% of the throttle without lighting up the rear and I had several very surprising instances of the back swinging out at 5-10 mph - on roads with parked cars on both sides! Wasn't happy. Had to cut across to St Albans to drop someone off and was really concerned about getting stuck on any kind of hill. Following sat nav, I didn't know the place well enough to be sure of staying on main roads so it was ultra edgy until I could finally get on the motorways and back to safe North London. Pulling into my car park the sense of relief that I'd gone out when I probably shouldn't and made it back was overwhelming. The thought of having to abandon the car in a random street in St Albans really didn't appeal. Anyway, I was home and wasn't about to venture out again for a while. Apart frome one small thing...when I popped it into reverse to slip into my parking space...nothing. What's this? Flashing yellow light, back end swaying from side to side and we're going forwards instead of backwards? Incredibly, I'd survived a 40m round journey and then managed to get stuck in a flat car park just 1.5 metres from my parking space. Wonderful. Being on private land, my car park is ungritted and was covered in a 4in layer of compacted snow. I hadn't given it a second thought as I'd got out without any problem on more than one occasion. However, I soon realised why - I'd only got out in the first place as there was the dry patch it was parked on that gave me an initial push to get out of there. As soon as I stopped on the ice that was it. Doomed. Now what? I was blocking 5 cars and getting nowhere. Just letting the clutch out in reverse was lighting up the rears (traction on/off or in M mode) and I kept slipping forward towards other parked cars (its a dead end and by this point I had about 2ft left to the car in front). Saw a neighbour turn up and asked him for some help pushing. Useless. I didn't even laugh when he kept falling flat on his face. I live in a flat so don't have any of the gardening equipment you'd normally resort to either and no one I could think of was around to help. I wasn't amused. In the end, after half an hour I managed to free it by melting 2 black lines behind the rear wheels (using kettles and 2l bottles of fanta) and shovelling the ice with a bloody dustpan! Got it back far enough to pull into another space but its now in there forwards with packed snow/ice behind the rear wheels and so it wont/can't be moving until the snow thaws. Great. To add insult to injury, I went to bed last night thinking "one or two days more and I'll be able to drive" and then woke up this morning to this: You'll notice that my neighbour's 3 series is next to mine, at the back, and hasn't moved for a week either! Say what you want about BMWs and it all being about driver skill - In my experience with the M3 it has nothing to do with it, there's simply bugger all traction in the first place. Plain and simple. Now looking at "snow socks" as a means to get me the 50m from my parking space to the (perfectly clear) roads. Bored of this snow. Want to drive.
  9. The TSN Mornington Crescent game...

    Double Reverse: Kings Cross & St Pagcras!
  10. The TSN Mornington Crescent game...

    Parson's Green
  11. The TSN Mornington Crescent game...

    Remembered this thread at the weekend. Think its about time for another game, I'll start. White City.
  12. Need a powerful laptop - will be used for design work so needs to multitask various chunky bits of adobe software. Really can't be arsed with getting to know a mac, I'm getting on now and can't be told, so will need to be a windows pc. They seem to have come down in price so budget would be around 1250 (laptop only) although open to increases if necessary. Thoughts so far are HP or Acer but that's as far as I've got. Dell I've heard a lot of bad things about re laptops. Will mainly be docked on a desk but will go mobile when required. Also, I'd like it ideally to output to 2 monitors (not laptop screen + monitor) is this a big deal? I assume it;d need to have 2 x outs on the graphics card? Is this rare on a laptop (i.e. will it cost 2k and greatly limit my choice?) if so ditch that idea. Processing power and graphics are everything, this will be a dedicated machine. I have others for browsing etc. Thoughts please, ta
  13. Need a new laptop - advice please

    Sorry chaps, slack feedback from me. Plans temporarily on hold as I should be getting hold of a half-decent HP which I can hopefully make use of in the meantime. Couple of thoughts - nice spec on the Lenovos but I couldn't keep the price below 2k SSD - talk to me - I don't get it, every system with an SSD seems to have 1/3 of the storage of a conventional drive and no mention of a 2ndary drive. I always thought you used your SSD for loading and frequently accessed things and kept your data on a normal drive? Seems the trade-off for speed is storage space... Mook, thanks - will bear that in mind - might actually just go with one big screen at first but will let you know if I need to go to 2 x huge mothers
  14. Need a new laptop - advice please

    Thanks, and the name of this laptop is.....? Every time I've looked at Vaios, they just seem to have a few cute features and cost a LOT more than the competition. Any recommendations? Really? I assumed it would have to come out of the graphics card??
  15. Need a new laptop - advice please

    Yeah just saw that matrox thing - 100 quid, right? So we're saying that by default, laptops don't have dual outs? Alienware, ok, but way too expensive and realistically, probably overkill for design as opposed to gaming? Any merit in an ssd drive in the mix? Still thinking "cheaper" than alienware...
  16. Smart repairers

    Anyone know about these and do you reckon they can sort my splitter? Was in a rush at the station yesterday and parked v.close to the metal rail at the end of the space as I normally do. Only thing is I didn’t see the metal support post jutting out by a couple of inches and managed to kiss it, with disproportionate results. Its really minor but I know its there and its infuriated me. Can’t quite see in the pic but its pushed the plastic in and its raised slightly – obviously it’s the first thing I now look at. Livid. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  17. Smart repairers

    Thanks for not taking the piss.
  18. Love Rallying ? Your help needed !

    Got this too - its important. Stage rallying is fooked in this country already as it is (I keep having to go to fooking Wales for events) and this development, if implemented, will only make things worse. Aside from the enjoyment to be had from Rallying, Motorsport is a key UK cottage industry employing many skilled and good people and a source of national competitive advantage. Since I started rallying I only have admiration and awe for the effort, determination and standard of preparation and driving of the average club rally entrant - rallying is a fantastic motorsport and should be allowed to flourish not be choked out of existance. Aside from this, and the increase in H & S legislation that has changed the sport (or more to the point, made venues less accessible for spectators) some major private rally staging areas (e.g most recently Down Ampney) have recently been closed/sold so its getting ever harder to run an event. All of the events I've been to have been run to an amazing standard by volunteer local car clubs - these guys need help not hinderance. Do something!
  19. BMW and the M Badge

    Had a 320ed courtesy car once that was festooned with M badges. Was slow as feck - I didn't laugh. As for the M badges, yep, they're everywhere - and I don't understand why. Is it to make themselves feel better? Faster? To make others think they have a better/faster car than they do? Does it make the car better? Have seen a few silly imposters but my favourite was a very smart white 320d saloon wearing an M3 badge. Saw him on the way to work one morning and ended up next to him at the lights. I swear he wouldn't look over and I just started laughing. Cue the green lights, and well, what else was I supposed to do?
  20. Corona Rings

    Have noticed recently that they must have removed the usual bmw led handbrake and upgraded E92 lights (led rears and much brighter angel eyes). If you do happen to buy one of the older, orangey-lit models, a set of GP Thunder replacement bulbs can be yours for 20 squids and DIY fitting takes 2 mins. They're much brighter but not as bright as the latest OEM ones which are a bit OTT I think.
  21. I Can Has a New Car

    Its bankrupting me and I also need more power. Well done Mac! Welcome to a whole world of amusement.
  22. J-turn

    Shocking behaviour...
  23. Split from my partner of 10years need advice

    I was in a similar situation a few years ago (9 year split) and, first of all, its going to feel very odd - and of course it would if you've spent 1/3 of your life sharing every day with someone. Some learnings: - at first, it will feel bizarre. You do so many things without thinking that it will take you time to adjust to your new situation - go and spend some real time with your friends, I bet you will have inadvertantly drifted from some or many due to the time demands of a long relationship - Go and do a few fun things for the sake of it and enjoy not having to think about what anyone else might think - Try not to think about it too much - Discover yourself again (this is not code for masturbation, by the way) - Be philosophical and recognise that you won't suddenly wake up and think everything is ok but that one day, without realising it, you'll realise that time has healed most of the things that trouble you now - Take a minute to reflect on your relationship once a few months down the line - you'll most likely see it slightly differently, but constructively differently. - Don't rush out and try and find an immediate 'substitute' And most importantly, go and have a big heap of fun, whatever that may be. You will feel slightly reborn, I can guarantee you that. Good luck
  24. The Quest for God's own corner.

    Brands Hatch, TDK - not the circuit, the short rally stage they have behind it. Do me a favour - can you forward my first PM to Mook, he'll apprecaite the free hit