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  1. 6 month Car Rental / Lease

    Within the next couple of months I will be between (ownership of) cars for 6 months. Can anyone recommend the best site to get a 6 month lease or rental of a car? Thanks
  2. 2002 A3 TDI Quattro Sport - 1 Owner

    If I remember correctly FatCat you had a blue one? (I used to post a lot back then) Anyway forgot to mention earlier am obviously open to sensible offers (not cheesy poofs!) Regards Si
  3. 2002 A3 TDI Quattro Sport - 1 Owner

    Thanks - hopefully she will go to a good home...
  4. For anyone interested in a cracking little car: Audi : A3 1.9TDI 130BHP Quattro Sport Cheers Si
  5. Right, about 2 years ago I moved from England to Northern Ireland I re-registered both of our cars with the DVLNI and the older of the 2 cars has just had a Northern Irish MOT. Both cars have personalised registrations on them (not Irish reg's but 3 x 3 UK jobs) - bought direct via DVLA Auctions many years ago. I now want to sell the older car and put the number plate onto retention as even if we buy another car I would put a different registration (another one I already have on retention) onto the new car. My local DVLNI office is telling me that this is not possible in NI! That the only way to achieve this would be to re-register the car in the UK, put the number plate on retention and then re-register the car in NI. Or alternatively by another car to put it on! The only issue with this is that I believe to re-register the car you need a UK MOT and UK insurance. Plus get a refund on NI tax and pay for a new UK disc (and vice versa coming the other way) So all in all an absolute pain in the ass. Can anyone confirm my findings and issue any advice or am I out of nice simple options?
  6. I'm in Armagh. I have sent of a few emails to tint companies in Belfast, so will see what they come back with.
  7. After the arrival of our first child I now see the need for sun protection glass in the back of our 3 series (saloon). I want to get a good quality sun protection screen added to the rear side windows and rear windows only. Does anyone know how much BMW charge for retro-fitting sun protection glass, or is better to go aftermarket? (Bearing in mind I am in Northern Ireland so don't have access to that many places) Cheers Si
  8. Roomba robot vacuum cleaner

    Could any Roomba owners please tell me the minimum height clearance it would need to clean under something - say a sofa? I can't seem to find that detail on iRobots website Thanks Simon
  9. Roomba robot vacuum cleaner

    I have an iRobot Scooba - the floor washing equivalent of the Roomba. That is also a fantastic bit of kit - the wife (who would normally be very sceptical) loves it - as does everyone who has seen it in action. Will probably get a Roomba next month...
  10. New A6 S-Tronic?

    Hi Does anyone know if the new A6 3.0 TDI Quattro will be available with an S-Tronic box? Thanks Si
  11. What is it "worth"?

    Hi I am thinking of selling my 2002 A3 TDI 130bhp Quattro Sport... (Metallic Silver - 17" Star Alloys, Black Leather, Climate, CD) First registered in May 2002 and has done 100,000 Miles. Condition is good - but obviously not perfect due to age and mileage. Obviously in the current climate used prices are well down, but what do people think that this could be marketed at? I was thinking somewhere in the region of £3K - £4K? Thanks Simon
  12. Home colour laser printer?

    Matt My advice to you is DON'T! We made the same decision as you after looking at the prices for buying the stationary online. We spent so much time hunting around for good quality card; then realising that it was just slightly too thick for the printer we were using so after about 50 sheets the printer stopped picking it up; plus the massive amounts of ink we used and the time wrapping them in bows (don't ask)..... ....we managed half of them (about 60) and then bought the rest from (the place where we copied the design from). I work for myself and the time I spent on the invites far outweighed the cost of buying them, so unless you are doing a bog standard A4 invite on slightly thick paper, I really would think twice about it!!!! FYI we used a HP Photosmart 6310 All in One printer to do our invites - we just prayed it didn't rain so the ink wouldn't run!! Regards Simon
  13. Hi Looking to get a new smartphone, does anyone know if you can sync with mobile device center over wi-fi or bluetooth rather than having to plug the phone in via a usb cable? Regards Simon
  14. Help me fix my PC!

    My main PC is reasonably new and fast: Dell Dimension 9200 Core 2 6600 @ 2.4Ghz 3Gb RAM Windows XP etc, etc It runs fine most of the time, but if I leave it on for a few hours and come back it runs really slow, every program takes an age to load, in particular IE7. Normally I restart and all is well again. Strangely if I work at home on it all day it is usually fine it just seems to be when it is left idling. Today I got so p*ssed off with that when I came back I stopped all software running (AVG, Webcam etc) one at a time and nothing improved. When it goes like this task Manager says 0% CPU usage and I have loads of memory free, so it's not like something is hogging the processor. I know it is difficult without seeing it but does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Si
  15. Time for a new camcorder

    I have a Panasonic NVGS300 3CCD mini dv and it is fantastic, great quality (I use firewire to copy from tape to hard disk and edit in Premier Elements). Regards Si