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  1. Kahn's coupe creation

    Being a Brafordian i should be offended by that...
  2. Wii and PS2

    Give me a price Milo... for the PS2.
  3. Wii and PS2

    Not sure on value and the wife will kill me for buying more stuff that i will never play with but i might be interested in the PS2... lol
  4. As it happens i saw this shared on facebook yesterday and thought it was a good concept but the problem is as Tipex said, is that people want the 'latest' phone. Yes I know they might be able to provide a different base etc but i cant see it taking off and if it did then i cant see the longevity of it due to people looking upon it as a novelty gadget.
  5. Audi SQ5 TDi V6T (twin turbo as it turns out) in Leeds

    To put it into perspective, the E46 M3 hits 60 in more or less an identical time to this thing.
  6. Drove past me at lunch time today in traffic... first saw the V6T badge on the wing and thought that looks different for a Q5. Then as it went past i saw the SQ5 badge on the left and the quad exhaust thinking it was interesting and then saw the TDI badge on the right side of the boot and thought WTF? Obviously the first 'S' badged TDi Audi news must have got passed me... 313bhp and 480 ft lb torque... 0-60 in 5.1 sec... all very impressive figures indeed. Audi SQ5 tdi ready to join UK range as first ever diesel Was identical colour to this..
  7. Time to upgrade the Polo?

    Have to agree with the others who say go for the M135i. Front engine RWD and more than enough power over the bland GTi any day of the week.
  8. Back to the future...

    So did you specifically look for this on Ebay?
  9. Cant say i have heard of it before... im more software than hardware kinda guy so not too clued up on this stuff. Will pass the suggestion on. Cheers Mac.
  10. Hi guys, A friend of mine is a photographer and every weekend he has about 30Gig of new data which he wants to start backing up to his own home PC from his office. He has 2 x 1TB disks in his work machine and he chops and changes the data on them on a regular basis. He wants it to be mirrored back at his home a daily basis for backup purposes. Someone he knows has said that they could setup a NAS backup system costing about £400 for the hardware and £100 for the install. Does this sound about right and is NAS type system the way to go? He has a 60mb connection at his work and a 30Mb connection at home so presume it would sync the data on a daily basis but even then, 30Gig of data uploading at 3 mb per sec wont be realistic would it? Cheers in advance. Fizz
  11. S 2000

    Not watched the vid yet but regardless of what it was on at the time of the video it was sat on that R32 just under 2 weeks ago.
  12. S 2000

    I win because i have a pic... :assfecking: And Chris... i have no idea what your on about mate. p,s) I quite like the Audi A3 rims on it too.
  13. S 2000

    not as good as the R30 TWO i saw in London last week.
  14. SL65 Black

    lol... very good fake then.
  15. SL65 Black

    at least the fake i saw was a coupe.