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  1. Question on ventilation - possible problem

    Alan Under the bonnet at the rear of the car is a pop out section with 4 plastic screws holding it in (see red arrow on the attached picture. Also you can remove the whole of the plastic section at the back, just remove the rubber seal holding it all together (see blue arrow on attached picture) and it lifts out so you should be able to get pretty good access to all of that sort of area. I think you will be impressed by the quality of my photography! Philip
  2. Question on ventilation - possible problem

    Alan If you are saying it always re-circulate even why you take it off automatic it suggests a stuck flap and not a sensor. I know if you put it onto front screen demist it turns re-circulate off. If it still does not take in fresh air in this mode it must be stuck. I would remove the pollen filter and you should be able to see two air intake flaps. They should both be open with the engine off, then try some different settings and see if they move. If might just need a bit of lube! I believe the rear vents work from the same fan as the front. Therefore if the fronts work so should the back. I suppose there could be a problem in the pipe between the front and rear. Philip
  3. Parking Brake fault

    Hi I don't know if this relates but before I picked up my car (a 2003 D3 4.2) I know there had been some work on the parking break. I believe it may have been a recall. I do not have any more info than that but it might be worth a phone call to a main dealer to see if there is a recall on your car. The only other thing I know is that you have to enter the correct pad depth into the computer when you replace the pads. Philip
  4. Put my deposit down on an XJR !!

    Got my XJR on Saturday, I could not of had a better weekend for a new car! I thought it would be snowing/raining but no blue skys, it is a good way of getting rid of those January blues, a new car and a summers weekend. Just my luck, some swine had caught the rear door of my A8 last week. I think it must of been when they were reversing out because I could see a little bit of black bumper in it. They scraped a bit of paint of the rubbing strip and three marks on the lower half of the door. I only noticed it as I was washing it a couple of hours before my car was delivered. Luckily I had a some good rubbing compound that all but removed the marks from the door and almost removed the mark from the rubbing strip so you really could not tell, better than being on the new car I suppose. The car is absolutely mint, I have looked and looked and I really can not find anything wrong with it. I have to take my hat off to them the dealer certainly did a good job of prepping the car. I think the car is great and I really like the inertia, very high quality. One great improvement over the A8 is the quality of the leather, I always felt the leather in the A8 felt cheap but in the Jag it is much softer and looks much better. I hate the boot, it is not that small but is a stupid shape and I have already smacked my head on the lid a number of times. Anyhow I have to go to Cambridge on Monday so I should be able to tell if I like it by then. Picture attached.

    I can not answer your question but I have a 4.2 up for sale. It is not LPGed but is a good spec'ed car at a good price. With the savings you could buy a lot of fuel or get LPG installed. Please take a look at my car Audi A8 4.2 I thought about changing to a 3.0 TDI but having driven one it is not a patch on the bigger engine ones. The economy of my 4.2 is really not that bad, 30 mpg is achievable if you stick to 70 on the motorway. I have worked out my mpg manually with every tank of fuel and the worst I got was 22 and the best 27. I recon you will not get more then 10mpg more with the diesel. Not to mention that you are 6p per litre better off with unleaded than with diesel. This is why I have decided to stick with a big petrol because it really will not cost me that much more and I will enjoy driving it more (I am changing to an XJR). Philip
  6. Put my deposit down on an XJR !!

    The T5R wheels do look nice but no they were the standard 17" multi spokes, can not remember what they were called, something beginning with T. My neighbour has a T5 with 18" on and it does look great but spoils the ride. I never drove a T5R but comparing an Auto T5 to an Auto T5R on paper I guess the T5 would be just as quick. Because the T5R is 4wd and the auto loses the torque a bit it I think it would be the same or even slightly less. Do not get me wrong 250bhp through the front wheels really was a bit to much for turning out of junctions and it really could have done with rear or 4wd but overtaking a truck you would not be able to tell them apart. Sorry it is not very Audi this post, variety is the spice of life they say. Philip
  7. Put my deposit down on an XJR !!

    Yer the discount is good but you can get 12K off a W12! 30K is achievable for a 2006. The dealer I am buying it from insist he is losing money on the car and can not give me any more off. I did ask what would you do if I don’t buy it then, "struggle on and hope to sell it soon with out to much further loss". Don’t know if this is sales man speak, but I can say the dealers are very keen to do deals with you. I have a choice of near identical cars at near identical prices so if this one falls through for any reason I should still be able to find a car. I guess it is really down to the fact that people don’t want big petrol cars at the moment. I was thinking a 2005 car would have been a good car to go for but they updated them in 2006 with glass and different steering so it will be a better car. I could not find a 2005, odd as 2005 cars are now 3 years old so would have thought there would have been a few of them. Mine has the five spokes, I had similar multi spoke wheels on my T5, they looked great after I had them powder coated but were a pain to keep clean, worth the effort mind. Noticed a set of multi spokes on eBay but at £1,400, I like them more then the five spoke, but not that much. Philip
  8. Put my deposit down on an XJR !!

    That's interesting in what you say about the XJR performance vs S8. If yours was the old shape with 370bhp the new shape, light one with 400bhp must be quite a difference. It certainly felt very very quick and that was with out even trying! As I say I did fall for it. It is one of my fears, the day I go to pick it up will be like "The Day After Tomorrow"! My dad has an old shape 7 and when it snow he does not even try to go anywhere, I think the Jag will be the same. Good excuse to stay at home mind. I have to say if you want to nip out of junctions the 4x4 of the A8 gives you the confidence to do it. Never felt the wheels slip or the traction control light even flicker on my A8, could not say the same thing about my last car a T5, great for overtaking mind. Philip
  9. Put my deposit down on an XJR !!

    Thanks, yer I am not sure the 2007 "improvements" are actually that, hence why I wanted a 2006. Mind I think you can get a good deal on a new one. The list price is 60K and the dealers will discount them to 50K and give you 0% finance for 2 years. Philip
  10. Have I done the right thing? Been thinking of changing my car, no other reason than fancied a change. Tried all sorts of things, Range Rover, newer A8 diesel, 535D, 730D but they did not really do it for me. I felt that I was changing because of fuel prices etc and not because I really wanted to. So I tried an XJR and really fell for it. The way it drives is great, loads of power! I checked and it is quite a bit lighter than the A8 and has another 70bhp not to mention 553Nm torque. Its all very old world in there with loads of wood and leather (no flappy paddles, no pop up screens) but I kind of like that. They car it self is very modern mind with aluminium build and touch screen command system. It seems very well put together which is saying something coming from an Audi. Any how I need to sell mine if any one is interested see…. Ebay Philip
  11. Buying an A8 / S8 - 2002 vs 2003/4

    Hi If you fancy a D3 4.2, 2003 with 49K on the clock let me know, I am thinking of PX'ing mine. I am fancying a Jag so I doubt I will get a good value for it from a none Audi dealer. It if fully loaded with new front discs and pads, new battery, had the gearbox oil changed, 6mm left on all 4 tyres and is in great nic (even if I do say so myself!). PM me if you are interested and I can send over some details and pics etc (I am near Leeds). Philip
  12. A/S8 discounts

    Having spoken to a couple of dealer's recently I believe there is good discounts off the A8 at the moment (7k off list) for an entry level 3.0 diesel. These guys confirm it They don’t have any discount off an S8 but that might be because they have not tried. 12K of a W12 mind! If you want new, how about leasing, £439+VAT for a two year deal, see Again I think a dealer could match this lease cost. Philip
  13. D3 Gearbox Question.....

    Hi I have a 4.2 D3 which has a standard auto box. The auto in yours is a CVT I believe, therefore I can not relate directly. However I have driven an A4 CVT as a loan car. I did not notice any grabbing on takeoff but it was very difficult to creep. It seems that if you get below 5 mph or so if disconnects drive, when you then release the breaks it jolts slightly as it takes up drive. I found this very frustrating as I was crawling along in a traffic jam on the motorway. I had the software on my gearbox updated and this removed the shift to neutral feature. Before if you were quick jumping from the break to the accelerator it would jerk slightly because it had not fully engaged. I would not describe this as a grabbing mind! My understanding of a CVT is basically an expanding rubber band which gives you a huge number of steps instead of the normal 6 gears. May be it could be this slipping or the box getting it wrong and going into to higher ratio, correcting back again and then back up a higher ratio. I don't know I am just theorising really. Is the problem getting worse? I don't know if it is a big problem or not, it might mean that the box will only last 500,000 miles instead of 600,000 miles and not a big issue. Of course if it only last 100,000 miles instead of 200,000….. I would suggest you get a dealer to take a test drive in it who has driven another CVT A8, if it is due to the work in February then the part will still be under warranty and so should not cost anything. Philip
  14. Body Acceleration Sensor

    Hi I would think it is item 35 from here It is a "combi-sensor for acceleration and yaw" and used for the ESP. I think it sits in the central tunnel, just a bit back from the ashtray if I remeber correctly. I would have thought it would have thrown up a fault on the ESP if it was faulty. Why did the dealer say it needed replacing? Had it been in for a service? How many miles are on the car and does it have a full Audi service history? Philip
  15. A8 D3 Rear pad replacement

    I have not replaced the pads but I do know when you disconnect the parking break button it puts the warning symbol on. To fix it I drove a little, applied the parking break and then took it off and it was fine. I assume you have done this mind? The other thing to try is that the parking break self adjusts every few hundred miles as long as you don’t apply the parking break, may be this would sort it. Lastly I know there are some recalls for parking break problems, I don't know what they are for but I know before I picked my D3 they had been done. Philip