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    A4 Cabriolet 3.0 Sport

    Can anyone suggest an online parts supplier for AUDI; need brake pads for the cab' want to avoid the stealers if poss'

    I think that may be a good idea hard drive, We just don't do complaining well enogh in Blighty

    Sounds like a good plan but he is a fairly undemonstrative sort of chap and doesn't like the bother but Iwill try and persuade him too get tougher before shelling out big spondoolies. I will add some wieght because they are trying to sell me a new A4 Cab 3.2 SLine, I may just hint at the customer service concerns I have heard from a fellow owner. Cheers for the wise words. Gez..
  4. How long do you plan keeping your A4?

    Hi Cab Girl I really have been away too long, may I be so bold as to enquire how that pussy cat of yours was looking b BTW did you look in my gallery.
  5. How long do you plan keeping your A4?

    Hoping to change the Cab in March for the new Cab 3.2 tiptronic. I am considering what to do with my current one which is 3 in April It's only covered 11,700 miles and is absolutely mint. So any takers before I start fighting the unpleasantries with the stealers. It's a 3.0 Sport Manual; Silver; Blue; Blue; Bose; Xenon; 18" 9 spoke; full electric seats in dark blue Leather; Dipping Folding etc ; Fridge; Vavona; light pack; Storage etc.The whole nine yards. Sorry for the ad

    Hello A friend of mine has owned an A3 1.6 sport from new, which is a little over three years old. Just before christmas his gearbox stared to make a whining noise and became difficult to select third gear. The dealer investigated and informed him he needed a new gearbox and clutch as the gearbox had thrown its oil all over the clutch as well. The cost was quoted at £2,700 The car has barely done 33k so he quite understanably got a little angry as they did not offer any deal or good will gesture, niether did they give an explanation of what was wrong. He phone Audi UK and explained the situation, they came back later that day and offered a miserly £300 toward the cost since the car was only just out of warranty and had done relatively little mileage. My friend was awestruck by the generosity as you could imagine, anyway suffice to say that he declined and is now trying to source some independent help. Correct me if my assumptions are incorrect but could the problem be main shaft oil seal and bearing or worse, third gear synchromesh and oil seal and bearing. Is there any body out there that could offer some advice in terms of what the likelihood is of getting this reconditioned or repaired independently. He lives in Cardiff but given the price Cardiff Audi want for simply slotting in a replacement gearbox he would be willing to travel if neccessary. Any words of wisdom greatfully recieved and happy new year to all! Gez...
  7. Car Covers and Cabs

    Thanks for thinking of me
  8. Car Covers and Cabs

  9. Car Covers and Cabs

    Cracking looking car BTW
  10. Car Covers and Cabs

    Need it by saturday though
  11. Car Covers and Cabs

    Does anyone know if it is advisable or inadvisable to fit a car cover to the Cab. It will not be outside but in a semi finished garage which has a roof but no door and windows as yet. It will be stored for two weeks Does anyone think that the roof will suffer with damp mould etc.
  12. A4 Cabrio 2.0T FSI - When

    Yep. I tried 2 days ago, spoke with the lovely steph at Cardiff Audi, she politely refused to contemplate an order before January 2006 as the facelifted model is due spring deliveries. She also let slip that the 2.0TFSI and the 3.2FSI will be included in the engine options along with DSG and minor changes to the interior, new front end and rear clusters and under tray. There will be biXenon and LED Rear Clusters on show also. I placed my spec' in her hand errHummm! 3.2 FSI Sline; QUattro; DSG; Sat Nav Plus;Heated Seats Bose; parking sensors; Bi Xenon/directional....Can't wait....Just another step towards the RS4 ME HOPES!
  13. Would that be Cardiff Audi then...
  15. New A4 Facelift S Line Spec

    You can get the very good replicas for much less and some of the ones I have seen are the equal of the Audi RS6 18" Type wheel.