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  1. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Golf Mk VI viral video New Volkswagen Golf VI | Viral Videos | Videos | evo First drive of Mk VI:- VW Golf 1.4 TSI (2009) CAR review | Road Testing Reviews | Car Magazine Online
  2. Seat wear....

    How often should you do it?
  3. Replacing high brake light

    No I didn't watch them. But I did ask them for the full details of what was required to be done. I am fussy when it comes to work on my car.I did ask them does it need painting. The answer was it might. Mine didn't need painting.
  4. Replacing high brake light

    Had mine replaced under warrenty, due to condesation in the high level brake light. They cut off the rear spolier, fixed the light back in place and bonded the spoiler back on. No painting required what so ever. They did a great job, and I am fussy.
  5. It's oh so quiet....

    Shame. Nice avatars
  6. Pricing my Gti

    Have you looked at Parkers price guide for a selling price? 2005/55 Volkswagen Golf GTi 2.0 GTI 3d Valuation - Parker's 3Dr Manual
  7. New engine for Mk5 GTI....

    Quote from Autocar "There’s one final thing to get straight. If, like me, you thought TSI meant a VW engine with both a supercharger and turbocharger, that’s all changed too. Now anything with a turbo gets the TSI badge; TFSI is no more." From the Passat CC review.
  8. New engine for Mk5 GTI....

    Good point there Red
  9. New engine for Mk5 GTI....

    Aren't all TFSI engines now going to be called just TSI? (2.0 T included) Read that somewhere in a VW update.
  10. I regulary use a 530d Sport. What an engine that is. Masses of Torque (more than the previous model M5), it just pulls like a train and you get a nice six cylinder growl too. On a trip to Paris over the New Year it averaged 36-37 mpg. A friend has a Volvo XC90 D5, it does less MPG than my Edition 30 and Diesel costs more than V-Power
  11. Where's the rope and the razor blades
  12. Have you checked for an "E" number on the side of the tyres? I have had no problems at all with my F1s Asymmetrics
  13. Let us know what Goodyear say............
  14. Pirelli Edition GTI.....

    Hate it when mags get the info WRONG. The ED30 and GTI have the same suspension and they weren't three grand more (he couldnt do the maths) Looks carefully at the spokes they are "meant" to look like they end in a P. Get cross eyed and you can see it!