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  1. Hi folks, I had my 635D CD changers swapped out by my local dealer for an ipod interface. It's the BMW unit It works however I cant see all the songs or album's on teh ipod. I have tried different iopds and get the same problem. I have wiped / well restored an ipod to factory settings resynched then tried again - still the same prob. So the ipods are OK Maybe there is a limit on how many tracks or albums that a BMW Professional NAV system with ipod connector can see ? Any one else had this prob ? Thanks for help
  2. Here's the deal - there are limits to the number of tracks that can be displayed per folder & there is also a limit on how many folders per directory. Page 52 of the iPod manual. This also ties in with my experience & what my dealer has told me.
  3. PM me your address (a gift) I will send you the DVD which was no good for my 2009 635sport coupe :-)
  4. Hi I'm looking for some advice regarding my 635d Navigation System Professional . Initially I bought a CD/DVD to update the maps however I discovered that it's not a simple CD/DVD update . So my dealer was going to do the update which can take up to 4 hours. Then I decided that I would like to update the unit to it to the latest map & also if possible add speed camera notifications. I read on BMW's website that if you fit a BMW trackstar then there are two additional services available. a) Regular updates to navigation map. This sounds good and b) Safe Speed which will alert the driver to speed camera locations. I imagine there is an initial charge for installing the Trackstar followed by a subscription for 1) The Tracker. 2) NAV updates 3) Camera updates Has anyone done this ? I may have it wrong and a separate NAV unit would be required if so then I won't go down this path. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and happy new year when it arrives
  5. Hi thanks for your reply - I also bought a DVD with MAP + camera for about £30 but it seemed to be no good for me unit, the SATNAV is loaded on the hard-drive I think, it's also teh latest i-drive mm not really sure. Anyhow £200 paid to dealer and new map loaded (it took 4 hours loading ) + I also got my pogo speed camear detector is wired in. A side note I'm loving the car :-)
  6. 2009 6 series Squeaky creaky driver seat

    Squeaks no more :-) My local dealer fixed, "Carried out checks/roadtests for speaks from drivers backrest, lubricated all springs and joins on seat, all OK on final road test" all done under warranty :-)
  7. Folks, I'm still loving my 2009 635 Sport however the driver's seat is so squeaky, creaky. It sounds liks the springs ? Is this a know problem ? In every other way it's rattle free and great. Its a constant sqeak so I guess easy to fix. I will book it in soon but I just wondered if anyone else had this problem. The seat is an electric power, seat
  8. Mirrors now back to normal, no blue semi-circle tint. Maybe needed power on + a night drive to fix. Odd prob though
  9. Help please Do both your 6 series auto-dim, wing mirrors have a blue semi-circle tint at the bottom of them ? My car has just come back from the garage. It had its winter tyres + wheel fitted & also a small pogo speed camera detector wired in. I maybe never noticed this before however would swear the tint wasn't there before. In the day light on both wing mirrors there now is a graduated blue tint. It creeps up about one third of the way up the mirrors. The dealer is uncertain if it should be there. They suspect not and have offered to swap both glass mirrors under warranty if it annoys me. Has anyone else noticed this ?
  10. Happy new years folks & not many taker's for this post --- - Anyhow I called in to my local dealer today & spoke to the person who deals with trackers. In short there isnt anyway of intergating speed camera locations on my 635d SatNavProfessional system The dealer could install a Trackstar tracker. Then Trackstar would have to be contacted to install the addtional components: NAV updates, Speed camera notifications. If they were added they would be displayed on another unit. Not on the built in BMW Sat Nav Professional system
  11. In my 635d sport coupe the glove box has a BMW CD changer. There is also a USB socket there. The armrest has a iPone 4 snap in adapter to allow me to use the cars aerial with my iphone 4. In the armrest below the phone there is another compartment with a socket (jack socket) labelled "aux in". There is not a USB connection there. In addition to my iphone I have a IPOD harddrive. I spoke to my local dealer who said if I want to be able to control an IPOD via the iDrive then they will have to remove the CD changer. Page 163 of my manual appears to indicate it is possible to have a USB and jack interface in the armrest. Does anyone know if it is possible be able to have both i.e. a CD changer & also be able to connect /control an IPOD ? Thanks for help
  12. BMW 635d sports Coupe Monaco Blue - a set on Flickr My first BMW, I purchased without driving a 635 well any BMW, or seeing her in the metal, just under 14K on the clock, in pristine condition, a well well loved car and I love her now :-)
  13. Hi Folks, Does anyone know if "High-beam assistant" be retro fitted on my,635d ? It's a 2009 model I have auto-dim mirrors & lane departure warning system on my car so guess I may have the necessay hardware ? I'm thinking it may just be a software update which my dealer could do. At a cost no doubt but if not too excessive I'd be happy to pay. Does anyone know if this is possible ?
  14. RS3 Prospective owners only information thread

    Well guys - I cancelled my order a while ago - here what I've bought and am loving her, quite a change from what I planned - - BMW 635d sports Coupe Monaco Blue - a set on Flickr Hope I wont be ignored if I say hi once in a while And Merry Christmas to you all P.S Any one interested in a genuine Ross-Tech vagcom cable. It cost me $299 Feb 2010 & I used it with my TTS & Gti No longer required so am selling cheap
  15. Success thanks so much with your help So in summary - Create a journey and start Then in split view with the map on left - using the contoller - push/tilt the contoller to the right, then push down on the controller - within the settings change to to "arrow view". The LH screen now displays a MAP, the left arrows as perr your pic above Please note - the "arrow view" option is grey'd out until you have an active NAV journey (that caught me out)
  16. Hi there, I took delivery of my 635d Sport Coupe on Friday. It's a March 2009 with just 14K on the clock & in mint condition. Prod date is 2008-12-17 Absolutely amazing, it's incredible, OK I love it. Pics will follow. I've owned a few Gti's & a TTS. The TTS was beautiful inside however the 635D is in a different league It's got many extras including the Navigation System Professional + DAB Radio + BMW Teleservices + Control Teleservices + BMW Assist + BMW Online + much more I have listed just some of the SATNAV equipment as I have a question. The Electronics appear to be in ahead of the TTS technology appart from one thing, well two. 1) It doesn't appear to be possible to get the map on the satnav to auto zoom into junctions when I approach them. 2) A countdown to junction bar doesnt appear to the screen to indicate that I am getting closer to a turn off, exit, etc. The SATNAV indicates the data DVD used in the vehicle is "Road Map Europe PREMIUM 2008-02" When the dealer updates teh SATNAV unit + it's software to the latest version (which apparently takes over 4 hours to do) do you think it will allow me to do this OR is there a setting on the NAV I can change now OR is this not possible ? Someone metioned about a difference between CIC vs CCC NAV. Happy Christmas and Santa's been good to me :-)
  17. Hi thanks for reply & first Happy Christmas So am I correct in thinking you had : The LH side just of the screen zoomed in as close as possible (and you just left that way) & at the RH side simplified text directions ? I didn't see any countdown bars on my screen however maybe they aint to big or I missed them. Do they appear on the LH side zoomed in map or RH side simplfied text directions? Finally so there is no autozoom function, you just have to manualy zoom in or leave zoomed in as close as possible? Thanks again :-)
  18. Audi fixed price servicing.

    Thats a very good price - my Gti at VW was £399 and no water pump
  19. Just a simple questiion similar to my reply on another. Have any UK based form members, taken delivery of their new Audi RS from a UK Audi dealer ?
  20. Hi thanks for info & if u have a chance pls post some pics :-)
  21. Thanks for reply and not many RS3's any where. One maybe two it seems have been delivered
  22. RS3: Have you ordered one? Have you received a build date?

    Just wondering if any UK members on this forum have taken delivery of their RS3 ? Also how may of our dealers have a "show" car ? :-)
  23. RS3 Prospective owners only information thread

    Thanks for that info - so I guess it would be possible to change later on if one buys the standard tyres. I also note on the German Audi web site it's possible to order additional winter wheels/tyres either 18" or 19". Across there it's a requirement to fit winter tyres. I would have considered doin this also if Audi UK offered it.
  24. RS3 Prospective owners only information thread

    Hi a question & showing my ignorance re wheels & tyres. Would the alloy wheels on 255/30 be different to those fitted with 235/35 ? Or is it just the tyres ?
  25. RS3 with Sunroof available in Germany

    http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/224447_10150740655925177_612765176_19966677_7319428_n.jpg Folks it seems that RS3 s are available in Germany with sunroof, opensky