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  1. Geneva 2011: Audi RS3 Sportback - press release + pictures

    Hi I thought I'd add my bit. I weighed up buying a Golf R or RS3. With no discount a Golf R spec’d up to the RS3’s base price is much the same price as a RS3. I was after a 5 door car with leather, DSG, satnav, parking, etc all the all the toys. That said it is possible to add more toys, personalise the RS3 with “audi exclusive leather” etc to an RS3. It’s also possible to add 2 extra years warranty to a RS3 for just £545 which would give peace of mind + increase resale value. Earlier this year 10% discounts were available for an R. Now it’s maybe 5%. A Golf R was going to cost a bit less than an RS3 but not that much. Regarding looks I marginally preferred the Golf R to an RS3. The A3 is getting replaced next year but then again this is an RS3. I imagine the new S3 wont out perform a RS3. Regarding performance I would inevitably remap the Golf R. I drive a stage two Golf Gti just now and previously owned a stage 1 TTS. The RS3’s performance is in a different league to a Golf R. After much deliberation I decided that I would always be thinking I should have bought an RS3 for the performance if I bought a Golf R. So I have an RS3 on order. ETA next year. In car magazine this month it gets a review. Yet again more ice driving. Why on earth have Audi only allowed motoring journalists to test an RS3 on a snow covered track ? Anyway here are some quotes which bodes well for my ownership next year. “there’s so much power it feels gloriously over-engined, and although there isn’t a real peak, the rasps, warbles, whistles and occasional bar more than make up for it. Forget those second-hand M3’s and 911’s – the RS3 will best anything this side of a GTs or GT3” “I’m sold on the looks as well” “The Dunlop winter tyres might take the edge off what is undoubtedly a firm ride – the TT’s magnetorheological dampers would be a welcome additition – but the rubber is not responsible for how good the steers is or how great the brakes are. The former is cleaner and crisper than in any Audi this side of the R8, while the latter aren’t over servoed but powerful and easy to modulate” “It feels resolved together and complete in a way that the RS5 isn’t” “Inside you will find ageing switch gear, but there's nothing at this price or below (bar another Audi) that can match the quality” Well that’s my bit added :-)
  2. Gents - just to add to this - I had one wheel replaced while in the 2 year warranty and another replaced in my extended 1 year warranty ( I purchased) although I had to pay half + write to VW who agreed to pay half as a good will gesture
  3. Hi Folks hope your all ticketeeboo and I would be interested in your thoughts - My Gti MK 5 200 DSG - is just about 2 and a half years old - 23K on the clock - I't's been bluefined and I am now considering some other changes - I see VW Racing upgrades are avail - I spoke to a gent at VWRacing today who was very helpful. The 3 upgrades I am thinking about are 1) Stage 2 power upgrade - essentially a new full exhaust system - this I understand is a is a MILLTEK exhaust excusively made for VW - different to other Millteks + discounted blue fin reprog - this will increase my power from arround 240 to 268 Golf Mk5 Exhaust System 2) A "fast track / road suspension kit " Golf Mk5 Suspension Fast Road/Track 3) A "Limited slip differential fast road " Golf Mk5 LSD Road The car will be used on roads - daily commute + Scottish B roads + some motorways. When I got the car it was "fully loaded" and I figure that with these upgrades I would have a "new" Gti better than the new MK 6 Gti in many ways. It would also cost alot less than a new Gti. Insurance is a consideration I already pay arround £100 extra a year on my insurance premium for my "+25%" chip/power upgrade. These upgrades I guess will increase my premium again Any thoughts of other Tyresmokers would be appreciated
  4. Poss VW Racing mods to my Gti DSG

    Hi cheers Robin thats great info - I just got to weigh up cost etc ;-)
  5. Poss VW Racing mods to my Gti DSG

    Hi there Abdn ;-) Cheers 4 teh hello
  6. Hi Gents, Hope yer all ticketeeboo and my insurer is going to replace 2 of my wheels which were damaged by a pot hole(s) A very helpful VW mechanic at my local garag tells me the part no is 1K0 601 025 BA 16Z Can anyone advise - confirm ? It's I recall he ordered 2 types when I got one wheel replaced for the worm prob - My wheels have a smooth edge and no lip around the rubber tyre valve I know that there are at least 2 types of 18 " Monza 2's Thanks and ah the best Spider
  7. Part no's for 18" Monza 2 wheels

    Hi there sorry aboput late reply anyhow - I took my wheel off today to check the part no and it's 1K0-601-025-BA My wheel has no lip around the rubber valve and a smooth curve to the middle of the wheel it's a March 07 car ;-)
  8. Part no's for 18" Monza 2 wheels

    Hi yeah at least 2 types - On one the curve of the metal from the edge into the center of the wheel is less dramatic than the other + Also some have a lip arround the tyre valve I think the wheel with the lip around the valve has the sharper (more dramatic) curve. Its a subtle thing to notice but visible.
  9. Thinking of getting a remap for a dsg gti 197bhp

    Hi there - I have a 200 DSG and bought a blue fin - I've had no probs - I was honest and my insurer and it went up from about £370 to £580 but reckons it's worth it. The power delivery is more instant - not that it's too agressive I guess it just feels more responsive - at overtaking speeds 50Mph + there's notably more shuff and it squirts out of corners better - I had a Scobbie WRXL with a PPP 265Bhp and it feels pretty much as quick as it at overtaking speeds. My economy is much the same when I'm easy on the juice - if anything it's better. All round I'm happy - Superchips were great to deal with also. Ah the the best Spider
  10. reverse curb view - how?

    Hi there I have Luxury pack 1 on my Gti - This is what happens on my Gti - when I select reverse - the passenger wing mirror tilts down to a factory predefined amount. It stays in this postition until I am moving forward above approx 15/20 mph when it will then return to the postition it was in before I seleceted reverse. It's a pity the driver mirror didn't tilt automatically also - The manual says this - "Memory for front passenger mirror reversing - When the reverse gear is selected, the pront passenger side mirror automatically moves to a pre-selected postion, provided the knob for adjusting the exterior mirrors is in position R. This provies a better view of the kerb when parking. The preset position will be stored in the remote key. The mirror will return to the original position as soon as the vehicle is travelling forwards at a speed faster than 30Km/h or the knob for the exterior mirrors is moved from position R to O or L." Hope this helps Aw the best Spider
  11. MotorHouse Cannock

    Hi there - This is my experience. I bought my Gti from Euro Imports. This was my second purchase from them. I bought a Mk4 150 diesel 5 years ago from them also. I was very happy dealing with Euro Imports. My own car did have 2 minor probs one mark on it’s multi-function steering wheel leather and 2 very very minor marks inside - not picked up by Richard at Euro Imports - Richard was apologetic and paid my local dealer to replace - don't see this is was due to me buying an "import" VW's they all are anyway - my colleague bought his car from a local Audi dealer and had a mark on the windscreen - so same type of issue. I saved about 13% on UK price - car is fully UK spec, all manuals in English. Euro Imports also registered the car with VW for its warranty. They also gave me trade price for my Subaru which I had for 2 years. Also FYI when I traded in my MK4 I got the same trade in price as a UK dealer supplied car. Good luck looking around and I recommend giving Richard a call. Ah the best Spider
  12. Cheapest import

    Yeah your correct oops - 17K -11K = 6K but not as much as had I bought from my local dealer - 9K - The figure I got for trade in was £11,300. It's worth a look at Euroimports as I said. Good luck
  13. Cheapest import

    Here's my experience 5 years ago I bought a MK 4 Gti PD150 from EuroImports. It was a pleasure dealing with them. The car cost me 17K from Euroimports - my local dealer 's price would have been just over 20K. I then traded in this car 3 years later for just over 11K for a Subaru. So my car cost me less than 4 K depreciation - had I bought from my local dealer this I think would have been 7K - I did consider a new VW from my dealer and my local dealer at the time to quote told me "we will give me the same trade in price for your car as a UK sourced car - a few years ago you would got less when trading in an import now you get the same". Back to now. Its 2 years later I have just traded in my Subaru to Richard at Euroimports and bought a new MK V Gti. I got a very fair price for my Scooby and saved approx 4K OR just over 13 % on VW UK list price list for my Gti. I can not recommend EuroImports highly enough.
  14. Advice on Sale Prices of GTI's

    There's a small article in this weeks autocar page 93 and with ref to their car a Jan 06 55 plate car White, 3 door, Sat Nav 14,562 to they indicate prob be able to secure more than 16 K from a VW Dealer as a trade in also to quote "The golf is one of the most depreciation resistant hot hatches arround. There are loads of 55 plate examples online the high side of £18.500 and although ours has no metalic paint and is the less desirable 3 door, we'd imagine a dealer would def ask more than £17.500 for it. Which means perhaps a private buy could be had for arround £17,000 perhaps even a bit less"
  15. reverse park sensors question

    Does anyone know if the factory installed sensors on a MK V Gti pearl black are painted pearl black ?
  16. Folks, My new Gti (ETA approx 3/4 weeks) will have a factory IPOD prep installed in it's armrest. I plan to pick my new car up down south and will take my Vid IPOD with me. I have a vague understanding that one sets up play lists using Itunes on the IPOD and they will appear as if they are CDs in a multi CD player. A pal reckoned I could have 5 play lists and a 6th which would be all tracks stored on my IPOD. Is this correct ? What happens if I have more then 6 play lists ? Maybe this theory aint correct ? Also I don't know if it will matter but fyi the head unit in my car will be a MFD DVD Sat NAV. Ah the best Spider
  17. reverse park sensors question

    Re your road angel - I was thinking about getting a camera warning unit - I will have the VW Sat NAV - how do you like the road angel and where does it fit ? Do you have to remove everytime you park to hide it away ?
  18. reverse park sensors question

    I got a quote from my local VW dealer - 2 1/2 hours labour + supply - painting of sensors cost = £410 seems expensive what do you reckon ?
  19. reverse park sensors question

    Cheers for the reply I'm getting a black Gti so guess they will blend in. Does the beep come from the radio speakers ?
  20. reverse park sensors question

    Hi folks - re the sensors - I undersatnd that it's an audio indication that signals how close the car is to another or wall etc - 3 questions 1) Does the noise ever get anoying ? 2) Can it be disabled ? 3) Is there any difference with a retro fitted fit ? (my new Gti should be being built just now - yipee - but too late to change factory order)
  21. IPOD armrest playlist how do I use ?

    Thanks folks for all your help. If you have a mo a different question - I was goin to get my Sony Ericson HCB 300 bluetooth set fitted into my Gti however I wondered is there a bluetooth kit which indicates the incomming tel no on the highline computer ?
  22. IPOD armrest playlist how do I use ?

    Hi thanks folks 4 the replies. Am I correct in say I can only play tracks \ albums if they are on a play list. For example - I couldn't select an Album on the IPOD and then press play on the IPOD ?
  23. SATNAV manual MFD2 RNS DVD 1K0 035 198 C

    Folks, I picked up a new manual from Ebay for £25. It arrived in a VW envelope - makes me think the gent who sold it may work for VW a garage etc. Anyhow he has loads of other VW manuals for sale. Prob a good wee earner for him. The local dealer also is trying to get a manual. So if it arrives I will have 2 and will sell 1 it on Ebay. Thanks 2 everyone for their help and advice. It was much appreciated. Spider
  24. Hi I have just joined tyresmoke and would appreciate some advice. I should get my new Gti MKV about mid March and have ordered via EBAY a VW MFD2 RNS DVD 1K0 035 198 C SAT NAV.It comes with DVD, security code and GPS antenna - 2 questions 1) Does anyone know where I can get a user manual or download a PDF ? 2)The car will have the standard bee sting antenna. To replace this with the supplied GPS antenna do I have to replace the existing cable ? I.E. Run in the cable supplied with the antenna Or can I use the existing cable from the beesting ? Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers Spider
  25. SATNAV manual MFD2 RNS DVD 1K0 035 198 C

    Hi a copy of the pdf would be much appreciated - send me a PM for my email address Many thanks and hope you have a great wknd its Friday yipee