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  1. Dominican Republic - reviews?

    loobs i am off there on monday. this is my first time there . we normally go to jamaica every year. i will give you my opinion of the place when i get back. it cant be any worse than jamaica. nearly all the caribean islands are very poor.
  2. Travian - whos playing?

    have you guys started a tsn alliance ?
  3. taser danger

    thats brill
  4. Email to the police

    cracker lol
  5. Edition 30 owners LOOK (plaque info)

    result blue, i'm getting mine sent out recorded delivery today .i have to give my dealer credit though , i printed of the pic you have with the part number ,they in turn faxed it to vw who called me today and informed me my build number is 270 , so thanks again buddy . brian
  6. Travian - whos playing?

    thanks for stopping by my little village khan
  7. Travian - whos playing?

    i'm plumber on world 5 , holmes on world 3
  8. Edition 30 owners LOOK (plaque info)

    cheers blue
  9. Edition 30 owners LOOK (plaque info)

    i asked my stealer today about these , they knew nothing about them , ihave printed off the pic you have with the letter blue , i will hand them that and see what they say
  10. Travian - whos playing?

    i play on world 5 khan, whats your name in there ?
  11. Best Fuel for MK V Gti?

    v power for me too
  12. Any suggestions??

    jamaica . go to negril if your going, best beach cleanest water.only bad point about jamaica is the airport ,
  13. Army of 2

    it's a bit like gears of war , too easy to complete too , co-op is not bad with a friend
  14. Joke(text).....MWW

  15. irish fisherman