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  1. Stolen 1M CCTV

    i have read on other forums that some X5 owners are being refused insurance because of the risk of theft due to this problem. I fear the only time manufactureres will recognise the problem is if their sales fall.
  2. Taxi

    excellent pmsl
  3. Joke posted by a Newcastle fan on a Mackem forum...

  4. FS: Crosman Air rifle - modded

    looks like a reasonable deal, but should the title specify air pistol, not rifle,
  5. Speeding ticket........ (***NSFW***)

    clearly she is not used to a "stick shift"
  6. Congratulations Sunderland

    up the macams. Good result, especially after the pasting from newcastle recently. Brilliant recovery.
  7. I played Black Ops last night...

    Got mine from tesco direct mid week. Had the chance to play single player and a bit of multiplayer. First impressions are i like the game, but not quite as much as MW2. It is early days, and it may be a grower. single player -alot of breaks in the game due to the story mode thing. Graphics are good, but in multiplayer, it seems a bit cartoony, if you know what i mean. MW2 seems to have more atmosphere/ realism. The servers are busy, and i get more lost connections than i ever did with MW2. No doubt i will persevere with the game.
  8. Skoda VRS Advert

    i like the advert, but it is a little quirky looking. seems 0-60 is 7.3 secs, so it is no slouch.
  9. Cool safety ad

    Great "advert" - this is why i will never get a bike, but would really love one.
  10. jingle bells MMMWW!!

    very good - i see (Jizz in my pants)is also listed-an old favorite. 90million plus views cannot be bad. shame it never made the charts....
  11. Central locking not working after changing rear bulb ?

    Have you checked all the fuses? Are any locks working or is all the C/L FUBARed? Is the bulb the correct replacement? Does this bulb work?
  12. Medal of Honour

    black ops for me + 1 the last medal of honour was just crap, and i traded it.
  13. Tourettes Karaoke

    F**k that was funny.... F**k
  14. Rubber shortage triggering costlier tyres?

    i wonder if this will affect the domestic market :assfecking: ? Durexpect me to believe this?