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  1. Hiya, Started experimenting wuth some of the new AG products on my Diamond Black Mark V. Earlier in the year I started using Aquawax and was very impressed with the results and the comments from friends and neighbours. Started looking at the High Def Wax and whether I should indulge. Last weekend I washed the car with AG Shampoo, polished with Ultra Deep Shine and finished off with HD Wax. The hardest bit to do is the polishing, bloody hard work, applying the HD wax with the applicator is not easy either. Polishing off is childs play with the red cloth shipped. The result is jaw dropping, much better than Aquawax and the beading is incredible. Took it to friends that afternoon and had a nice crowd of admirers. Washed the car again this weekend and just used Aquawax to finish off. The finish is just not as good as the HD Wax and more difficult to remove. I am now considering using my current supply up and not bothering again. The HD Wax is just so much better and £35 quid i reckon should last the lifetime of the car. Any other owners had the same experience or comments?
  2. Replacing high brake light

    Hiya Had my third brake light done last month under warranty. Dealer in the East Midlands (Newbolds) did the work and a very good job. The light needed replacement after just 7 months of ownership from new (57). Visited the dealer in Reading last weekend and walked around the second hand GTI's all of them had the same problem. My point is what confidence do we have that this problem will re occur when the car is out of warranty?
  3. Bad warranty experience

    Let me clarify this, the headlamp unit did not have any broken parts, the bulb holder is held in position by a post with a ball that fits into a socket. When the ball popped out of the socket no access large enough exists to the lamp unit to place it back in, hence the reason for the unit being replaced.
  4. Bad warranty experience

    My responce to VWUK: Thank you for your letter dated the 21st December. I do not agree with the VW’s assessment of the situation. You claim the ‘retaining bracket’ was stretched due to mishandling. The bracket could not be out back correctly to the failure of the ball and socket which holds the bulb holder in place for re attachment. I have supplied photographic evidence of this, why have you not taken this failure into accounting during your assessment? I am not surprised at the retailer’s lack of support, they were disinterested in reporting this as a warranty issue and only interested in taking the money. In my original letter of the 5th December 2nd paragraph I had to take the initiative and report this fault as a case reference. Normally I would expect the dealer to do this for me, but as the car is a personal import they were totally disinterested in looking after the customer. In 2003 the Office of Fair Trading conducted a report on maintenance through franchise dealers and 3rd parties. This resulted in the code of practice called ‘SMMT’, I noticed on your letter head you make reference to both bodies. If you do not concede this is a warranty issue and a full refund is forthcoming I will ask the SMMT to arbitrate on this complaint. You say you are not responsible for any maintenance carried out outside the VW retailer network, well the above code of practice and the OFT report 2003 says you are. It is my intention to report a blog on this disappointing experience until the case is closed on the following forums: You conclude in your letter no manufacturing defects exists, this is incorrect, the ball and socket failed to secure the bulb holder resulting in the retaining bracket could not be attached correctly.
  5. Bad warranty experience

    Hiya My GTI had both its main beam and full beam lights changed by Halfords to Super Brilliance bulbs last month, during this process the passenger side full beam lens popped put of its retaining ball and socket. Monday the 10th December I booked the car in to have the above unit checked off. Later on that afternoon the dealer informed me the unit had to be replaced due to the lack of access to insert the ball back into the socket. I was advised to contact VW customer services as they could not guarantee payment to Dovercourt as a warranty item and customers had a better chance going directly which I did. I asked for the unit and the gentleman very kindly helped me with my mobile phone to take photos of the unit showing the ball disconnected from the socket. Today I had a conversation with VWCS who had reviewed the case and decided the item was not covered by warranty. The lady said Halfords were responsible and made no reference to the ball and socket issue. VWCS made two statements during this discussion: 1) If I had not changed the bulbs the problem would not have existed. Yes if would have occurred out of the warranty period when a bulb was changed. 2) The manuals states this should be done by a dealer. No it doesn’t, it provides guidance for an owner under the maintenance section 3 and advises that if you are not sure should be done by a qualified technician.
  6. rcd300 and ipod

    Hiya Just taken the plunge and ordered a 5dr manual from Motorprovider built to my own spec. Anyways is the RCD300 best suited to an ipod interface? Also has any tried to apply any of the ipod updates from the Blaupunkt web site: Thanks in advance