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  1. S4 Stolen

    To make it worse I'm not getting flooded with insurance renewal emails about it. Where is the button on the mail for "please stop mentioning the S4"!
  2. Well I'll be watching it. But alas it's too late for my poor old car.
  3. S4 Stolen

    Will probably do without while I am likely to leave it there for a couple of months. In an ideal world this would be a nice replacement http://www.prestigesportscars.com/audi-s6-avant-quattro-huge-spec-in-hook-hampshire-3947813
  4. S4 Stolen

    Makes me wonder about getting anything decent while I'm leaving it in a station carpark 4 or 5 days a week. Though I do have a >200 mile run at each end of the week so I don't want anything too grim either.
  5. S4 Stolen

    So would something like this "Key Programming Device" do the job http://www.vag-info.com/category/preview/VAG_Group or http://www.keyprogtools.com/index.php/2014-01-27-18-22-26/2014-01-27-18-23-33/audi-bcm2
  6. S4 Stolen

    No, standard remote key and I have both of them. (I've had keyless cars as courtesy cars and it sends me nuts not being sure if it is locked). It was at Andover station car park and I guess it's been there most days on and off. Probably not the most expensive car in the carpark, but perhaps just the one that was far from the CCTV and the ****** had the software to hack and reprogram a keyfob. Is there a security issue with Audis if they're this easy to nick without the keys?
  7. S4 Stolen

    Bit of a shocker. My S4 (2010 Avant black) was stolen from a station carpark yesterday evening. I imagine it's in parts or a container by now but just in case beware of any offered. Was 10 plate.
  8. C5 A6 Concert Radio

    So cost to fix?
  9. C5 A6 Concert Radio

    I was looking at an A6 and noticed the radio volume seemed hypersensitive. Zero to deafening a quarter turn. Is this the famous problem where if runs out of memory to remember the last volume setting or something else?
  10. B8 S4 likes a lot of oil

    Thanks. The reason I was surprised is that the V8 S5 didn't ask so ofter - perhaps not at all outside service in 3 years. I'll give it a litre. If that isn't enough I might get five and decant into the litre bottle!
  11. The car is a 10 Avant and needed over a litre of oil top-up before it's last service and oil change which was in August, I think. Last week it asked for another litre top up (which I haven't yet as I have 502.00 oild and it now needs 504.00) but after nagging us for a couple of days the warning went off again. Two questions: Is it nomal for it to be so thirsty? - it's isn't driven hard very much as my wife generally has the kids in the back. Or is there something likely to be wrong with the sensor?
  12. Early C6 - any issues to look out for

    I took a look last night. The MMI was working, though I didn't actually turn on the radio or CD. Rear parking sensor wasn't. Funny though it had a new gearbox at 15k. Is that just random stuff with the Tiptronic and it was just unlucky or do you get much trouble with them?
  13. Early C6 - any issues to look out for

    Thanks, was goign to check the washers anyway and it's annoying if you have to buy a full set of blades first off. On the C5 one thing you could miss is the wing mirror control knob being snapped off. I bought one once and missed that and lost mine in another car. I think the problem is related to dogs and their leads leads....
  14. I'm lookjing at a early C6 Avant (3.2 petrol) and wondered if there are any typical issues with that model that I might want to check out when I see it. Thanks in advance.
  15. End of the allroad :(

    Lol. The breakers suggest £500. I'm having a long hard think about fixing it up. The air parts that need replacing are the rear shocks and the compressor. However another air spring could go at any time. I suppose I need to have a word with the insurance (swiftcover) if I get riid of the air. Really the bigger issues is whether I want an allroad that doesn't do what it was build to do. And if I want one with working air suspension, is my wreck the right place to start!