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  1. I'm sad...................

    Ahh Lualua. why you so sad? Your baby was hidin cos she couldnae face it that ye had selt her up ra river fur the Cv Bitch! She's so hot she burns hersel! eeh eeh
  2. Lagoo's Tuscan RR

    yo lualua i 'll gie ye a tenner for it!
  3. CDL Racing - British GT's

    Bison i have seen your car a notty piece of machinery!
  4. CDL Racing - British GT's

    Lualua is no fudgy!!!!!!!
  5. CDL Racing - British GT's

    It is BC Number3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. CDL Racing - British GT's

    Yo Lualua guess who this is! Glenpest is here!