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  1. MK5 GTI Engine Light Help - Again

    thanks for that got the AA coming out to have a look - is this something they could diagnose?
  2. MK5 GTI Engine Light Help - Again

    Sorry all its actually the exhaust warning light
  3. Hi Everyone Had the cambelt changed on my 05 gti along with having the car serviced today. Anyway everything was fine inslow moving traffic then once i hit the motorway car felt under powered (revs taking much longer than usual and slow acceleration). As soon as i got the car on my drive the engine light comes on!! Anyone experienced this previously??? or have any ideas what the issue may be? Thanks Paul
  4. Help!!!!!

    Many thanks DHA - I am very grateful to you and everyone for their comments.
  5. Help mk5 gti problem

    Well after spending a day at IVC in leeds it came out that it was the fuel pump in the tank, so that was replaced at a cost of £230 inc labour and the GTI is back to her old self... But yeah i have been trying to save a few pounds using normal unleaded (second tank) so i will put it down to the car being a little upset with me :-) so I shall be returning to Vpower. Thanks for the comments Paul
  6. Help mk5 gti problem

    Thanks for the quick reply and tip. Just wondering what the worst case could be..
  7. Help mk5 gti problem

    Hi all I have a 2005 golf GTI, i noticed today that following filling the car with fuel - normal unleaded, that tick over became very lumpy and causing the car to rock. Performance was fine and the rocking went away. Drove the car later in the day and everything again ok. Got in the car this evening, car wouldnt fire up. It did eventually by giving it some gas but sounded like it was on 3 cylinders. Called the AA who came out and belived it was one of the coils but unfortubately didnt have anything on his van to replace it with as they apparently a differnt size to standard VW.??? Im now concerned that a large bill is coming my way!! Anyone any experience of this? Paul
  8. Whats my Chances??

    Thanks your comments have put my mind at rest. my girlfriend is just glad that i hit the kerb and she didnt!
  9. Whats my Chances??

    i hope so, thanks for the quick response.
  10. Whats my Chances??

    Hi Everyone Long time lurker 2nd time poster I have a bit of a situation. Im due to get my front alloys changes under warranty next week due to the dreaded white worm which has shown itsself from the wheel nut area. Unfortunately coming home this evening i touched a kerb and marked the edge of the wheel - luckly the wheel protectors from the tyres cetainly helped but there are still three marks not realy bad but bad enough My question is do you think ill have any problems getting them changed at the dealers even though the damage is nowhere near the worming? appreciate any comments
  11. Hi Everyone - this is my first post, but a regular vistior. I took my car to the manchester permaguard a couple of weeks ago and they did a fantastic job on my black GTI ( i was getting to breaking point as swirl marks were driving me nuts) they even loaned me a car overnight. As a result my car looks better than when i bought it and 90% of all marks have dissapeared The guys Jamie and Graham where great they talked me through the whole process and didnt mind me arriving early to collect my car to hang around and watch the final process.