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  1. MY08 Changes

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] steering wheel clip ? [/ QUOTE ] I am trying to find this out at the moment! [/ QUOTE ] I prefer the zolder wheels still. [/ QUOTE ] I agree , those new ones look pony, really basic , like the old V6 4MOTION wheels. [/ QUOTE ] That's beacuse they're preparing the R36 arrival...
  2. MkV Variable Exhaust Flap

    Better is to press, and so the air can pass so the pump doesnt work. You will loose some power at low revs.
  3. R36

    Golf RS:
  4. Pictures of Diamond Black mkv R32's

    [ QUOTE ] Any excuse just to stick some pics up [/ QUOTE ] Sorry, my comment was for this one
  5. Pictures of Diamond Black mkv R32's

    Are they 19" wheels or more?? Astonishing car
  6. Have I got a problem with the R?

    Ok, thanks!! I will check that ;-)
  7. Have I got a problem with the R?

    Yesterday I noticed that when I'm going at around 60-70 mph in 4th gear, if I accelerate full throtle the car gets some vibrations. It's not from the wheels, it's different, it seems to come from the transmision or the motor. It's a vibration that stops when I got 100 mph with the same gear. I have noticed that in 6th the vibration exits but no so strong. Have you got something similar or may I go to the dealer? My R32 is a mark V and manual gearbox and has 12000 miles.
  8. S3 vs. Caymen video

    They say that the Audi S3 is faster, but the Porsche funier. It's a matter of choice (and space), but Porsche, is Porsche.
  9. New S3 in Silver

    Some pics in Yellow?? I can't get anyone :-(
  10. Dynamat and Xmas in Strasbourg

    Great pic, yes...
  11. Going to see Sprint Blue S3 after lunch!

    In black is not bad either...with 19"
  12. Longevity of 3.2L VR6?

    I've been told that there are someones with more than 300.000 KM ad still runing ;-)
  13. Variable exhaust flap on MKV?

    I did the same as in the IV but it didn't look so cool as in the IV. The noise was not much better and they weren't detonations as in the IV, the motor felt equal as original. So, I leave it as it was. To do it, it's quite difficult because the tube leading to the valve is hidden.
  14. R36 (or RSi) latest.

    And this 3600 motor can enter in the R32 bonet, so...let's wait. 300 HP, that could manage with the S3 ;-)