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  1. Hope someone can help with this, I've only just noticed the dial around the headlight switch has split, I'm guessing it was damaged the last time it was in for a service about 6 months ago as I always leave the headlights in auto. Thanks is advance.....
  2. Okay so my 07 ED30 has developed the well documented DSG fault where it's surging in 1st and 2nd gear at low speed along with the occasional aggressive judder/klunk of a gear change (reverse and 1st gears). I imported the car, its UK spec and was registered with VW UK. It's now over 4 years old, has done less than 50K miles, and has a full VW Dealer Service History. 1) Has anyone had the mechatronic unit changed out of warranty? If so how much and did the dealer contribute anything to the repair? 2) Would this part be covered by companies such as warranty direct? I've not taken it to the dealer yet as I'm considering my options first, and I'm guessing they'll not be too helpful as the car is a parallel import and wasn't purchased through them. I was considering just selling it on or part-ex as the fault only shows up when its up to temperature (but my guilty conscience is preventing me from doing this). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. Is Something Missing

    Got my MKV GTI back yesterday after a Cam Belt & Water Pump Change. Opened the bonnet today to check the coolant level and top up the oil and I'm not sure why but I seem to think somethings missing in the area behind the passenger side headlight (see picture). I may be wrong but I just don't remember the void being there nor all of the cables and pipes being so exposed. Just wondered if someone could put my mind at rest. I'll be calling VW on Monday as they've cracked/split the engine cover. (And yes I know the void could be filled with a nice after-market air induction kit) Cheers in advance
  4. My ED30 is now three and a half years old and has done 36,000 miles. Since it's last service in August 2010 I've had the low oil warning light come on twice, having to put an additional 1.5 litres of oil each time. Up until the last service I've only had to top up with less than a litre each year. No signs of oil dripping on the drive..... Has anyone else seen this increase in oil consumption? Cheers in advance
  5. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Just my Two-Penneth.... My ED30 came with Michelins and I swapped them for a set of 4 Goodyear Asyms. At first they were very slippy and thought I'd dropped a bit of bollock, but they bedded in after around 1.5k-2K miles. They're very good and I've been reasonably happy with them but will be either going back to Michelin or try something else, the main reasons being. 1) They've not lasted anywhere near as long as my Mitchelins did they've only done about 8K. 2) The rolling resistance must be higher, where as I used to have to fill up every 330-340ish miles I now have to fill up at around the 300-310 mark, and over the year (12K miles) this works out to around £250-£300. Yes they're good, especially in the wet, but I don't think I've noticed any difference to the Michelins. Yes they're cheaper but not in the long run.
  6. What is OSD..... Is it the same as people who have OCD along with dyslexia?
  7. Thanks for the replies.... I've only done approx 700miles so I'll just have to wait a little more. Cheers
  8. How Long To Scrub In Eagle F1 Assymetrics? Had a new set of 4 Eagle F1 Assymetrics for around 4 weeks and they're still as slippery as banana skins. (even before the recent bad weather) They're not asian imports, I've double checked. I may as well be driving a 1.6 golf at the moment, the traction control is having an epileptic fit when pulling off I have no confidence in them what so ever. Anyone else have this problem running them in?
  9. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    So in summary..... Is the general consensus that Goodyear Eagle F1's Asymmetrics are the all round favorites? The subject seems to have wondered off track a little.....
  10. Anyone got any experience of both the Asymmetric's and GSD3's? I've done 18K on my Michelin Exalto's and now need 4 replacements, Michelins are tad too expensive and the Eagle F1's seem to have good reviews on here and the t'interweb. Any advice/opinions much appreciated. Cheers
  11. DSG or not DSG, that is the questions

    Its just a case of getting use to the DSG, you really have to change your driving style when you're nailing it, especially into corners and roundabouts. You can have loads of fun when you're feeling up for it, and just dropping it in drive is great when you're feeling lazy. I've got the DSG and when I jump into my wife's Civic Type R (which has a truly excellent manual gearbox) I do have fun, but to be honest I don't miss it one bit. DSG = Best of both worlds (in my opinion)
  12. Just had my first service and my front tyres are half way worn.... My friendly dealer had decided to get a quote for me, like for like replacements (Michelin's), they quoted "an offer price" of £278 balanced and fitted. I thought this was a pretty fair offer for a dealer until she pointed out this was the price PER TYRE! Has anyone stuck with the Michelin's or do you recommend a change? I personally have no problem with the Michelin's but have not bothered to look for prices yet. Any cheap websites would be greatly appreciated. I know this has probably been discussed on here before but I'm a little drunk and too lazy to do a search.
  13. Mk V GTI Service Intervals

    I've just had mine set to Time & Distance instead of Long Life. I only live 2 miles from work and the frequent short journeys meant the service warning came on after only 9,800miles. At first the VW thought it had been set to Time & Distance by mistake but it was set correctly set to Long Life. Just goes to show the computer really does look at how you drive and trip distances.
  14. Dearest Tyres Ever????

    Fair comment..... But the last time I checked Kwik Fit were hardly competitive and I presume that dealers will only match the likes of Kwik Fit or Halfords and not look at internet prices. But then again all dealers are different I guess.
  15. Leaking Boot ? ? ?

    Well it's taken five months and 7 visits to my VW dealer.... but they have finally sorted it. It wasn't a problem with any of the rubber seals (boot or brake light clusters), there was a tiny tiny gap in the seam of the body work just above where the water washer pipes run through the rubber gator to the boot. It had to go to the bodyshop to be resealed. I think I've just been unlucky but something to bare in mind should anyone else have the same problem.
  16. Leaking Boot ? ? ?

    Every now and again I'm finding a wet patch in the boot but for the life of me can't find where it's coming from. It's in the middle(ish) of the boot towards the drivers side. Just in case this is a common fault, can any one point me in the right direction.
  17. Leaking Boot ? ? ?

    Well I thought I'd sorted it.... Its now had a new boot seal and and a new brake light cluster seal, and the water still arrives in the boot after a down-pour. In again at the dealer to see if the can actually find it this time....
  18. 18" wheel options on Mk V

    [ QUOTE ] VW's corrosion protection is nowhere near as good as BMW's. The wheels on a 10 year old BMW will look perfect, better than a two year old VW. The same applies to other bits of trim and the paintwork itself. However the VW cars are much cheaper, and in the case of the GTI, much better. [/ QUOTE ] None of the above makes any sense!
  19. Manual or DSG

    DSG..... great for lazy driving but ready and waiting should you want to go psycho. If you do want to put your foot down you've got to put it in sports mode or paddles only because in normal drive it just seems to rev more and go nowhere. Was in the same position and don't regret the decision one bit.
  20. Daylight Running Lights on GTI....

    Yep... fair point! I don't hate them by the way, I was just put off by the immediate thought of Audi Styling (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) No doubt they'll be on the MkVI (I do hate marmite though)
  21. Daylight Running Lights on GTI....

    [ QUOTE ] Sealy - Saying: "a tad too Audi wannabe" isn't necessarily true - Audi merely happen to be the ones who developed them and others are already following IIRC. I don't wish I had an Audi - I considered the A3 Sportback but chose the GTI. Most Audis are superb. TT- They are S6 Audi DRL's, therefore quality, and my bodyshop is top notch and we have discussed the detail with the car present this morning - I have every confidence and our aim is to make it look standard although of course the cognoscenti will know otherwise. Interestingly today, someone saw my GTI alongside a standard GTI and asked why the other GTI didn't have the same front splitter as mine - He thought mine was the standard one. [/ QUOTE ] I said "Audi Wannabe" because they looked a blatant copy of Audi DRL's, now backed up by the fact that you mention they are actually Audi S6 DRL's. I do however agree with you that I probably have this opinion due to the fact that Audi have been the first to push this design. To me (and this is just my opinion) they don't look at home above the spots, and should be integrated into the headlights themselves. As for your splitter, I completely agree... it looks better than the original. It's subtle and doesn't immediately remind you of any other model or manufacturer (unlike your DRL's)
  22. Daylight Running Lights on GTI....

    Another negative sorry, a tad too Audi wannabe but ends up being very very Max Power mag instead.
  23. Steel Grey V Candy White 5 door

    Some steel grey pictures here: Old Thread There is a white ED30 by me and when mine is shitty I think about how nice the white is, but when I wash mine I know I made the right choice.
  24. Importing. The final chapter.

    Another vote for Euroimports.... Just for the record, before I ordered mine I went for a price from my local VW Dealer (Dane Chester) and they couldn't give me one good reason not to import. In fact, as their quota was only two GTI's per month they used to 'import' themselves until VW UK put a stop to it. He said that should I want to trade it in after two years I'd get the same price as a dealer sourced GTI as long as there was still the demand.
  25. Leaking Boot ? ? ?

    Took it to the dealer and they said it was the boot seal even though I was adamant it was the break light cluster. They changed the seal and sure enough its cleared. The dealer said they've had quite a few golfs with this problem.