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  1. Hi there, after reading through some posts I've realised that you guys seem to know everything there is to know about GTI's!! I am currently going through the motions to buy a Candy White 5dr DSG from Motorpoint. I know the car is an import and they have advised that it will only come with a 3 month warranty as apparently despite the car being brand new, it has sat around in the German factory for "a while" and that's all they can offer. I am not too worried about this as I will buy an extended warranty. Can anyone recommend a good warranty company? Do you know if VW UK would let me buy a warranty from them? Secondly, lots of posts mention that with imports you should check that the car is full UK spec. Motorpoint have told me it is but how do I check this myself? I'll be back soon with lots more questions no doubt! Lou
  2. Just thought I'd let you all know that a cheque for £500 arrived in the post this morning from Motorpoint refunding my "reservation" fee. Feeling very relieved and damn sure I won't be going there again, well certainly not for an import anyway! PS: The A3 was awesome and I'm currently wrangling with the dealer over price. Sorry guys, I'll leave now, I know when I'm not wanted!!
  3. Seeing as I couldn't get any sense out of MP I got my hubby to call them and after a good rant they have agreed to refund my £500. How quickly they do this remains to be seen............ Thanks for all your help and advise this week, it's been very much appreciated. I have a feeling I might be swerving over to the Audi forum now though!
  4. Well 3 phonecalls later and I'm still waiting for the Manager at Motorpoint to return my call and agree to giving me my "Reservation Fee" back! I have spoken to the sales chap and told him catagorically that I don't want this car anymore but I think I'm going to have to keep pestering them for my money. On the upside, I'm test driving a rather nice (IMO) Audi A3 Sportback T FSI 200Bhp on Saturday at my local Audi garage. Fingers crossed everything goes well with that.........
  5. Thanks for the advice guys, I have decided to leave it and move on to something else. Now I have to see how easy it is going to be to get my £500 back. I have a feeling I'm going to be in for a fight.............
  6. [ QUOTE ] They have about 25 of these cars in different colours. They are not uk spec and have had the clocks changed from kmph to mph. Spend the extra £1000 and get a MY2007 ukspec euro import. [/ QUOTE ] Sealy - How do you know this? I called Motorpoint and expressed my concerns. They said they have had other customers saying the same thing and this morning spoke to VW about the lack of warranty. They are hoping to have an answer this afternoon saying if VW will agree to the 2 year warranty. I don't think I'll ever get to the bottom of the situation and if they can offer the 2 year VW warranty then I will be more tempted go ahead with this.....
  7. Thanks for that Petsy, I put in the VIN and all it tells me is that it was made in Wolfsburg in 2005!
  8. OK, now your scaring me............ It does seem like a very good price as plenty of extras: 18" Monza II 6CD & Armrest Bi-Xenons with wash & auto adjustment Climate Control Cruise Control Electric Seats Parking Sensors Electric Sunroof ........all for £18,999 I have been given the VIN and with a bit of googling I can tell that it is a 2005 car. Motorpoints story is that VW have surplus stock that they have bought cheap and therefore only supplied with 3 months warranty. I did think to mysel that surely a warranty should start when the vehicle is registered.......... I've already paid £500 deposit so going elsewhere isn't really an option. Ho hum, going to have to do some serious thinking.......