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  1. Hi For the past year or so Ive had an intermitent problem with my central locking, whereby the passenger door would sometimes not unlock. That seemed to have sorted itself out, but now I have another problem with the locking - this time the drivers door does not open with the remote locking. All of the other doors open, except the drivers door which I have to manually key in door handle. Anyone had similar experiences, or any idea of what could be causing it? Cheers Andy
  2. MK 5 passenger door wont unlock

    Hi I had a similar problem with my 54 Golf GTI, when it had about 30k on the clock. I had about three or four bouts where the passenger would not unlock. Each bout would last a few weeks. I knew whether the door was going to unlock or not by the sound the locking system made when I pressed the keyfob. I had to drive everyone around in the back seats only. Phoned a couple of VW dealers and described the problem - they wanted to charge for a diagnosis, and one of them suggested that if it was an ECU problem it would be quite costly to put right. That was about a year ago - thankfully the problem sorted itself out (touch wood!), and has been fine ever since. I didnt get as far as taking it in for the diagnosis. Im hoping its sorted as it was really inconvenient! Is yours still occurring?
  3. Found a new rattle

    Hi - first time on here, as I've only just found this forum! Been ploughing through some really helpful discussions on here. (I recently changed my six yr old Polo GTI for a used MkV Golf GTI. It was a bit over budget, but I decided to go for it anyway. And I'm so glad that I did!) Anyway, on topic, I've also noticed a rattle that seems to have got worse over the past couple of weeks. Also coming from the rear left hand side, and sounding like something is loose rather than a rubbing sound. I've tried out a few things, but I have narrowed it down, I think, to the fold-down part of the rear left hand seat (the smaller one). I'm wondering if there is something loose inside it, as the rattle doesnt seem to occur if I drive with that seat in the down position. Has anyone else with a similar rattle managed to narrow it down to something specific. I'd prefer to know pretty much what the problem is before I go back to the dealers, and it would be really helpful to know if others have identified the same problem. Cheers