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  1. Completely and utterly a newbie.

    Hello Folks, I am a Yank Living in Essex. I have had many Ford Muscle cars whilst living in the states from a Shelby GT500KR to a Super charged 68 Mustang prostreet (which I trades for 2 minis to the UK while still living in the USA) I was a mustang nut for quite some time and chased the dragon with several big block and super charged cars. I realized they just handle like crap and got out of them and got into....wait.....hold on....minis!!!! yeah I know, Stop laughing. I am hooked, Somethings can't be helped. I export them mainly to the states so get to drive them for a short time, fix them up and sell them on. Well to the point. I have been aching for the V8 experience once again and can't afford to go too nuts with an Italian sports car and find TVRs to be quite interesting and the sound intoxicating. I know this is an impossible to answer question but can anyone tell me the plusses and minuses to owning a TVR. Not looking for new, Looking for used and under 20k. I read a few posts about needing engine rebuilds and such and thats a bit scary, I used to spend buckets of cash on my muscle cars but living over here had curbed my income stream a bit. I just want a usuable V8 powered car with some curb appeal and don't want to drown in repairs. I am fully aware of the famous TVR quality, which I know is suspect in some/most models. Jeremy clarkson isn't the biggest fan. Any help/suggestions/comment most welcome. Thanks. peter
  2. Completely and utterly a newbie.

    Stack, thanks so much, to show how varied I am in my hunt I was drooling over a concours TR6 today, I have to make my mind up at some point. cheers. Peter