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  1. Passenger Airbag - 2002 Mini Cooper

    I know, I swapped my Clio for this! Wish I'd kept it now, especially as it has loads of electrical problems with it which no-one else can seem to fix over than BMW!
  2. Passenger Airbag - 2002 Mini Cooper

    I finally rang BMW about this. I have to sign a disclaimer saying I am happy for my airbag to be turned off (as it'll be off all the time til I take it back to them). Obviously I'm not happy about this, nor that they will then charge me around £200 to turn it off - they reckoned it was a 2 hour job! The baby will be sitting in the back :-)
  3. I have just picked up my car from the garage as it has lots of electrical problems. There are too many to list here, but range from not being able to lock the car using the remote to the passenger window not opening. The indicator lights inside the car don't work either, although the indicators themselves are working. The garage advised me that the diagnostic software needed to identify the fault is owned by BMW and so they couldn't do anything about it. Looks like I will have to book it in with them, but want to avoid this really due to their ridiculous hourly charges for labour. Can anyone give me any advise - is the software only with BMW or are there any BMW specialists in West Yorkshire who would be able to help me?
  4. Hi, as I will shortly be needing to seat my new baby in the passenger seat, I need to turn off the airbag. My handbook tells me to speak to Mini Service about this - bit miffed about this, I was expecting them to provide a way we can turn them off ourselves like in many other cars! Anyway, anyone had it done, and how much did it cost?
  5. Service Panel

    There is no catch - Audi will have to replace it. It's been in today and it turns out there is loads wrong with it - would have cost me close to £1500 to get it all done!! I didn't get any of it done as I'm gonna take it back to the garage I bought if from. Not sure how far that will get me though. One of the things seem to be common with A2's on this forum - it is leaking from the water pump and so needs a new one - 500 quid!! I reported this to the garage I got it from before the warranty ran out and they said there was no leak. As far as I am concerned this they are definatley responsible for! Ever wish you'd never bothered buying a car in the first place. Only bought it cos it's an audi & that was a good make. I'll go with my heart in the future, not my head!
  6. Service Panel

    Will do, it will be a company car, so I don't know if they'll be as keen to help but it's worth pushing for it anyway! The panel opened easily enough for the salesman before we bought it, but I did hit a speed bump a week afterwards which knocked the skirting loose - I guess it must have done more damage than I thought. Thanks for your help.
  7. Service Panel

    There is definately something wrong. I managed to open and close it successfully at lunchtime, and then tried again when I got home. I had to pull it harder still and now it won't lock shut!! It has stayed shut all the way to work luckily, but I can't leave it like that. I'm off to an Audi garage on Saturday anyway as we are test driving an A4 estate. I'll mention it to them then to see if they can fix it (cheaply!) Thanks for your advise.
  8. Service Panel

    thanks very much - I simply was not pulling the panel hard enough - was worried I would snap it. All sorted now.
  9. Service Panel

    Hi I have recently purchased a 2003 A2. Everything seems fine except I cannot open the service panel. I have pulled the lever on the right hand side of the driver's side and it does move out, but the panel stays put. The manual gives no further clues - am I missing something? Do I pull the top or the bottom of the panel ; is there another catch to release on the panel itself? It must work as it has been in the garage since purchase for water coolant top up and they didn't seem to have any problem. I didn't get the opportunity to ask the mechanic how he did it though! Can anyone help?