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  1. Triumph Herald!

    On the way to Sainsburys just now, trundling the other way. Don't see many of those these days.
  2. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING. I figure we've got a fantastic resource of information, stories, anecdotes etc for the Audi A4 series in this forum. However with (currently) well over 1,600 threads and over 20,000 posts a lot of this useful information is buried where someone viewing for the first time (or even someone trying to find something they've read before) is unlikely to find it. Obviously there is a search function, but this is only useful if you've a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. I figured it might be useful to have an "Essentials collection" thread kept sticky at the top of the forum for anyone to refer to. Basically this will have a list of threads and information that is useful to A4 owner visiting this forum be it for the first time, or over time. The plan is to build a resource of useful information, interesting topics, enjoyable stories, anything really that people have enjoyed reading, or that people have found useful themselves or think others will benefit from. It can be reports, queries, storys, general information, whatever. Everyone is invited to post, if there's been a thread of interest or use to you then go dig it out and post it here. Just add a post with a brief description of the thread you are referring to, and a link to that thread. To do this, go to the thread you wish to link to, copy the full URL from the address bar, start a new post on this thread, write the brief description and then click the URL tag in the Instant UBB Code section just below and to the right of where you write the post. This will bring up a box. Paste in the URL, click OK, the box then allows you to title it. Fill in your title, click OK again and it will add the link and title it with your title. Or simply add a post imparting the information you wish to share. VERY IMPORTANT: Please do not add posts to this thread commenting on others posts or adding other comments, this is strictly for links to useful threads or for useful information, not discussion. If you wish to discuss anything posted please start a fresh thread on the subject. This is so that this remains simply an information portal, not a discussion thread. Thank you, happy searching and posting, and finally I hope this will be of use and entertainment for everyone with an interest in the Audi A4, in whatever guise.
  3. Anyone seen or heard from him, he's dropped off the map...?
  4. Frog eye MX5??

    Driving back from lunch today and as I went across a roundabout I noticed what looked like a frog eye Sprite approaching the roundabout from another junction. And something didn't look quite right about it. So I glanced in the mirror as I exited the roundabout to see it driving onto the roundabout going the other way and from the back I'd swear it was an MX5! Any clues, or am I going mad?
  5. For those of you that don't often venture to the Lounge of Joy, could I just ask you if you'd be kind enough to add yourself to the Tyresmoke map? It doesn't requre (or giveout) your address, just your town. A very useful resource to see where everyone is. See it/add yourself here:
  6. This is so funny that it will boggle your mind. And you will keep trying at least 50 more times to see if you can outsmart your foot, but you can't. 1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. 2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction. I told you so .....And there's nothing you can do about it Make sure you pass this on to your friends...they won't be able to believe it either!!
  7. One more question on the new TV but thought it worth a seperate post with an appropriate title. Basically the TV is going to be on a bracket on the wall and all the cables put into a conduit sunk into the wall coming straight down and then routed across to the corner where all the AV stuff will be. Then it will be plastered over and painted so's to be no sign of it. We're going to put a cable for every single plug on the back of the set in so's I never want to plug anything in and find I don't have the cable for it, so quite a lot of cables! Just wondered what experience people have of doing this and the best/lowest mess way of doing it? Also, any suggestions on mounting height? My current TV is a CRT on a stand in the corner so pretty low. If I mount the new one on the wall that low I think it will look odd, but equally I don't want to have to sit looking up at the thing. Is there a recommended height? All thoughts, comments and suggestions gratefully received. Only really get one chance at getting this right, not easy to shift it about after the event.
  8. Perfect, thanks all. Had a fiddle and it seems pretty good.
  9. When we installed the screen, it appears the default setting of everything (brightness, contrast, all of that) is centred. To be fair, it's a superb picture, but I wonder, should I be fiddling with them? I also discovered that the screen mode was "dynamic". I recall reading that this was to impress punters in the shop so I've changed this to "normal", which I think is a bit better. Anyway, any advice on setting everything up? I read somewhere that I should turn off the intelligent picture predicting software, but haven't messed with that (and don't honestly know where that is anyway). Interested to know what people think?
  10. Wise words mate. Oh well, at least it's got all the connections for adding kit in the future. In the meantime a Playstation 3 and surround sound amp and speakers will have to be sourced to provide a little HD joy. :D
  11. So having spent an extra few hundred quid to get the latest Freesat version of my TV, the little man comes up to install the dish only to tell me I can't get reception here! I live on a steep hill with woods surrounding the back and side of the house up the hill, and the combination of hill and very tall trees means that even from the apex of the roof, a dish can't see over them to the satellite! Bloody brilliant! The only good news is that HD is coming to Freeview Digital, so I will be able to get it that way. The bad news is that it would appear (from the Freeview web site) that the digital receiver will need to be upgraded. Of course mines built in to the TV so presumably therefore it won't be able to pick up HD Freeview Digital. Is that correct? So effectively non of the receivers in the TV (analogue, Freeview and Freesat) are actually worth anything and the thing really is just a screen for external inputs. Good, eh?
  12. Thanks chaps, I'll have a fiddle.
  13. I think I'm going to look into the idea of a pole mount, it seems to be the only possible option. And yes, it did occur to me that if the signal is non existent now, it could only possibly be worse in summer when the leaves are on the trees. I suppose I could always phone NASA and ask them if they could hook the satellite up a bit higher in the sky. If the whole of Europe has to re-adjust their dishes upward a few degrees it means they agreed!
  14. Just had a look on line and it says: Which kind of suggests to me that the Freesat tuner is HD, but nothing else.
  15. That's interesting. I had a look in the brochure at the technical specs but no mention.
  16. You wouldn't have a link to that post would you?
  17. That's a good tip. Got Shrek (I, II, and III), The Incredibles, and a few others so I'll have a look.
  18. About four houses down they're far enough away from the woods to get it, and oddly across the road they can get it (although taller houses so maybe that's why). So it's really just the top three or four houses on my side that can't. And no one else has a dish although I don't know if they've tried and failed or just not bothered. Probably the latter.
  19. Yes it was an independent chap, who was highly recommended by a mate of mine in the AV trade. They actually went up on the roof right to the top with a dish to try, despite being pretty sure to begin with that it was a no hoper. Tried the garden also, but that runs toward the woods and is lower so even worse. I have a chimney but it's half way down the roof (if you see what I mean) rather than from the apex so on its own, no higher than the top of the roof. Have thought about a pole but because of the hill we're very exposed to westerly gales and more than a tad concerned about the effects of leverage. I have wondered whether anyone would notice if we cleared a dead straight line of trees through the woods in line of my roof and the satellite. I fear they might though! :D
  20. Yup, Panasonic TH-46PZ81B.
  21. Yup, no Sky (and no cable in the road before anyone asks). I wonder whether Freeview receiver will be able to update to receive HD, or whether it requires different software?
  22. At least you're consistent Garcon.
  23. Ok so a motoring forum seems an odd place to come back to and ask for TV advice, but had some good input from here before and besides, I'm not a member of any AV type forums and they're all a bit nerdy for me. I know there's a few of you who are into your AV and have some nice kit so hopefully you'll be able to answer a couple of concerns I have. So here's the thing. I'm going to order a new TV next month for my lounge. I'm not into buying AV equipment too often, prefer to get decent stuff and keep it for ever so I really want to try and get this right. All input gratefully received. Ok so firstly the size. Had a good look in the shops, read the brochure about what size TV for what viewing distance, all that sort of stuff. Now my lounge is not huge and it's rectangular, and the way it's laid out the TV will go on one of the longer walls which limits distance a bit. It can't go on either end because one end is a bay window and the other an archway into the dining room so no choice here. The distance from the wall to the middle of the sofa (so not including however far the bracket and TV thickness brings it out from the wall) is 9ft. And I really really want a 50 inch screen. According to the leaflet on sizes it's within recommended range of size for distance (at the top end admittedly) and when I look at it in the shop standing roughly the right distance away it seems fine. But a mate of mine has a 42" screen in a similar sized room and it does seem rather big. His is on a stand in the corner though, not on a wall as mine will be. Worth adding also that I don't watch a lot of TV (a bit, but not a lot), it's going to be mainly for watching movies on DVD's (so looking for the big screen cinema sort of effect) and possibly adding a games console at some point. So am I mad wanting a 50" screen? Is it going to be too big? Has anyone got a 50" screen and is it comfortably viewable from about 9ft away? Or is it just going to be hopelessly over the top and I'll be moving my head every time I watch something cross the screen. :D Ok, next thing, spec. I'm thinking I need 100hz double scan (do I?), and I believe I need 1920x1080 pixels for proper HD viewing (intending to get a Blueray player at some stage). Does that sound right, is there any other spec I need to be making sure I get, and will it play my current DVD's (of which I have many so has to be able to cope with these) through a standard surround sound DVD player ok in the meantime? Wiring. I'm intending to get all the wires for all the plugs and sink them all into the wall and down to the corner where the AV kit will be. So basically I end up with all the inputs in the TV down in the corner of the room so I can plug into any of them any time. My thinking is that if I'm having to get the wall chiseled out, wires sunk in and then re-plastered and re decorated it makes sense to do it all so I don't find myself wishing I could use a TV input plug but can't without having to embed another wire. Good plan or waste of money? Finally the unit. I'm always being told that Panasonic make the best TV's. Happy to spend a decent amount as a one off purchase, but it's not a money no object exercise. The one I've been pointed at is the TH-50PZ80B (link to spec below) which I'm told will give me all I require but at sensible money (I think it's £1,500 but hoping to haggle a bit off of that, or get the leads and bracket thrown in or something). It doesn't have Freesat but will probably get a Sky box anyway which presumably will give me access to Freesat stuff? As I say, it's not about TV input much anyway, so not too bothered about Sky as long as I can get the digital channels. Here's the spec. Panasonic - ideas for life - Overview I think that's about it. Greatly appreciate any thoughts, experience or advice on this chaps. Thanks in advance.
  24. Ha, interesting. Yes I guess you're right, it's what works for you. The first night I had it up and running I watched a few bits on it but I always felt my gaze naturally fell on the "Panasonic" logo under the screen. And I was having to almost force myself to look up above that point to view it. So we completely relocated the bracket to where it is now, and having watched a movie the last two nights I have to say that for me it's spot on now. We've "centred" the bracket on the back of the TV though so I've got the ability to adjust up or down if I feel it wants it, but I don't think I will.