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  1. Mk5 Golf Armrest - Retrofit

    It looks like original, as it is an oem retrofit. The only complication being colour match if your interior is dirty, faded. I fitted it myself and it was incredibly straight forward, undo 2 screws and assemble using about 10.
  2. Mk5 Golf Armrest - Retrofit

    vw quoted me 400 quid fitting with vents working. in addition to supply= 750 all together I did it myself and it took 30 mins using the instructions with the kit from, however the rear vents don't work in this scenario, but are in place for looks
  3. When you say in the roof light cluster, do you mean mounted externally, or in the reccess for the VW mic?? Also do you have AC on? I have a parrott also and it works fine. The issue I come across most when using the phone alot, is that if I, or the other person have the AC on, the distortion can be massive for the person on the other end of the line. This seems to happen even at low fan speeds in my experience.
  4. The GTI Dream....

    It is from south africa. RR got the thread from and mervman from south africa put "The dream one is a recent one from South Africa I've seen it recently on the airwaves. Sure Micsta has seen it also! Great advert." Here is the whole thread with some other adverts in golf add!
  5. Changing finish on Monza II's....

    be interesting to know how the sale of goods act affects vw's stance on no warranty. As a lay person, but having used the SOGA in another context (XBOX360), I would of thought that the arguement that you would expect £1200 of wheels to last longer than 1-2 years would be a strong one. Obviously heavily curbed wheels would not be covered, but if it is a known fault and original supply wheels are changed under a warranty I would have thought this strengthens your arguement.
  6. Hi Ken, I would head back to the dealers if I was you. It seems strange to have to get a clip for the cradle for bluetooth, but you should get sim info on your highline. What model phone is it, it could be a phone bluetooth implementation issue, but i sould get the dealer to check it over.
  7. Looks good, but the price will be important. If people can get the rns-510 for the same price, or less, (I've seen them from one guy at £750) I think most people would go 510
  8. Retro Fit Bluetooth???

    Yep, vrstu on briskoda forums has done group buys on them in the past. It saved a packet over vag prices, initially they were putting the skoda version in to golfs as vw didn't supply. Worked perfectly with highline computer (very similar to maxidot on skoda). Here is the install guide link, in my experience it looks tricky, but certainly taking the dash apart is very easy. I did mine when it was 1 week old. VWvortex Forums: OEM Bluetooth DIY
  9. Hi Ken, Have you got the highline or midline (MFA+/ MFA) display in your cluster??
  10. Daylight Running Lights on GTI....

    Thanks RedRobin for both the PM and the clearing upo in my mind how they are going to run.
  11. Retro Fit Bluetooth???

    If it is MFA/ midline with the line across the middle, and the red LED car sign when a door is open, then no. If it is MFA+/ highline, and shows the LCD outline of the car, and which door is open, then yes it should display as standard. Calling/ answering etc can then be controlled with the right stalk. Also if you upgrade to the latest RNS radios the info should display on there as well
  12. Retro Fit Bluetooth???

    Yes, the dash has to come apart.
  13. Daylight Running Lights on GTI....

    How are you wiring them in?? Will it be seperate switch, or run into the system that already exists?
  14. Retro Fit Bluetooth???

    It is rudely expensive from the dealers, but there is a superb diy guide. It costs about £230 irrc, but works best/ might only work if you have the highline computer display. If still intersted, let me know and I will search out the guide for install.
  15. Daylight Running Lights on GTI....

    tempted also, PM sent.