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  1. ouch!!

    Whilst traveling back from devon after going down there for the weekend for my stag do. Traveling of course at the legal speed limit something hit my windscreen, i was a little upset as the windscreen was chip/crack free. There was a starfish type crack just out of the mot zone. "get it fixed tomorrow i thought" and put the car in my garage. Next morning it had cracked all the way across. Had a bloke out to fit a replacement and he had a right game. He spent 1 1/2hrs trying to get it out until giving up and smashing it out. The car looked like a right scrapper with the windscreen out. all sorted now, just thought i'd share the pics
  2. the journey home...............

    Harsh mike, very harsh
  3. the journey home...............

    nice one congrats
  4. I've joined the fold!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just got back mike .... i went in the a8 too the camper wasn't ready in time.
  5. Bagged A8

    love the stance but thats were it ends, bloody awful.
  6. Nice to be here

    welcome ............. gets some pictures up!, what have you done?
  7. white smoke

    Mine has started this. I did use it everyday for work and everything was fine. Now the 8 lives in the garage as i'm using the camper for work. It gets moved every other day(ish) when i need to gain access to the garage. I get loads of white smoke which hangs around. After the engine warms up its fine, seems to be only on start up after standing for 48+ hours.... any ideas?
  8. same here, no probs since the fix
  9. A/C Valves??

    cheers for the link ska. i had those cowling off yesterday to trace the pipework back and don't remember seeing a valve in same position as pictured.
  10. I've joined the fold!!!!!!!!!!!

    my 8's fine but because of the wedding and my insurance is next week i'm reluctantly taking the 8 off the rpad for a while, so i really need to the bus back on the road asap. i need it for a surf/stag trip to devon in a couple of weeks so that beam better get here soon.
  11. A/C Valves??

    What engine was that on?.... still can't find mine.
  12. I've joined the fold!!!!!!!!!!!

    The 68 is in bits on the drive while i wait for my narrowed beam to be delivered from creative!. Its been a month now they are so slack:(...... glad you found us here tho, there are some really knowledgeable peeps on this here forum. ant
  13. A/C Valves??

    My air-con is not that cold and a mate has all the kit, so i get a free refill. The problem is we can only find one valve (the one near/on the radiator) my friend is convinced that there should be an upper and lower valve, does anyone know where the other can found? 97 3.7
  14. I've joined the fold!!!!!!!!!!!

    welcome to the board gninnam, glad you found us ant
  15. Insurance Time Again

    who are you insured with mike that seems a good deal for a s8