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  1. I forgot to add that the rest of the speakers seem to be working ok (front dash tweeters and rear door speakers). If i need a new Bose amp, does it have to be recoded, or is it just a simple swap?
  2. My wife has bought a 2008 Audi A4 cabriolet with the Bose Symphony system. The sound is terrible and so I did a bit of investigation and observed there was no sound coming out of the front main door speakers. I initially thought the speakers were blown. However, when i got the car parked up i discovered that there is a tiny bit of sound coming out of each door speaker, but hardly any. Does this sound like the Bose amp has blown? I can get a replacement on ebay for about £40, but I have no way to really know if this is the likely cause... Can anybody help?
  3. PSP as blueray player

    Doesn't the PS3 also support the playback of 3D Blu Ray films? I'm sure mine downloaded a firmware upgrade before Christmas which said it was for 3D Blu Ray support.
  4. Snow fail of the year ?

    That's well funny. Who was filming her though? It looked like someone in her house (her husband)? Love the way they did nothing to help and kept filming as she hit the house
  5. Bose Lifestyle systems

    Good point. I had forgot that was happening.
  6. Bose Lifestyle systems

    I have actually and I plan to pop into see them in January. I'm sure they will know all the ins and outs of everything. It just seems ridiculous that they could charge £1000 extra for a radio and iPod dock!
  7. Oops, I appear to have bought an iPhone

  8. Bose Lifestyle systems

    I've been looking into Bose Lifestyle systems and have shortlisted the Lifestyle V25 and the Lifestyle T20. Both offer very similar features, but the V25 is £1000 more expensive than the T20! The only real differences I can see is that the V25 has an iPod connection and a radio tuner built in. Am i missing something else here? I mean £1000 extra for a radio tuner and an iPod dock?! You can actually buy a separate Bose iPod dock for £99 and add this to the T20 system, so i'm sure there must be something else to justify the £1000 premium of the V25 that i'm missing. Has anybody got any of these and can fill me in?
  9. Sony Bravia LCD TV

    Don't use Windolene as I believe it has mild abbrasive properties!
  10. I don't think they will fit as the PCD is wrong. The D3 A8 uses a PCD of 112 if I remember correctly, so your bolt holes won't line up. The width and offset are fine however.
  11. Definitely not standard. The actual flip down screens can be found on most online car audio and ICE websites. Craigyb on this forum could probably retrofit these for you - index
  12. lowest recorded temp on your dash...pics needed!

    I had -17c last year, but didn't take any pictures
  13. Anyone ever had this

    Not heard of that before. Could the rear suspension components have frozen in the cold weather? You say you haven't used it for a few weeks?
  14. Mine doesn't have this functionality as standard. Did you use VCDS to enable this, or was it factory activated? There was a thread on here recently where somebody enabled this using VCDS. You may be able to PM them to see if they have the same issues as you.
  15. Too good to be true!

    Well they claim to be "VeriSign Secured", but if you look at the security credentials for the website, they have no such security certificate in place. Dodgy site for sure.