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  1. I would like some help if possible.. My central locking has stopped opening with the key fob. It does open with the key but then the alarm goes off straight away every time. The car fully locks with the fob and I have just had both fobs checked at my local garage, both ok. Cheers
  2. Help please

    Help/advice pls My wife has just put 12ltrs of petrol in an empty deisel tank then put 20ltr of deisel ontop. Then drove 3mile home. What the fk should i do? Drain? Lee
  3. Replacing Headlights

    Nice one, I'll give that ago then i think. But if anyone has an easier way then please reply.
  4. All, I have just received a used pair of LHD lights that i need to swap on my Bora. (I'm Living in France). Could anyone give me some pointers on how i change them and if i actually can, without stripping the front end?? Help needed

    Cheers Rusty

    I thought the it might be on the standard light switch. I'm not with the car so i can't check ATM, i'm just doing some groundwork before i order some new headlights, sorry
  7. My Bora has not got Fog lights, but if buy a pair of Headlights with them in, will they just work or do i need a new switch in the dash?
  8. Need some advice. i have had my 2001 Bora 115TDI for about 18 months but for the last 3 i have had an intermittent problem with the temp gauge. What it does is build temp like normal then drops to zero, builds again and drops to zero. It does this until it hits 90deg and then sits there for some time. After a while it seems to normalise at around 85deg and only happens when it cold. Any ideas anyone?
  9. Headlights

    It won't pass the Control Technique(MOT) with out the head lights changing and i need this to register it in france!
  10. Headlights

    Anyone know if i can manually change the headlights on a 2002 Bora for driving on the continent? I will be in France for over 6 months and will be registering the car here but i don't want to fork out for some new headlights.
  11. Need some advice. I have a 1998 Seat Ibiza nonpd td and since Sunday morning i'm having problems. 1st it's a b**ch to start and then runs lumpy all the time. Once i get the revs up it's better, but not right. Had VagCom on it tonight and its showing no faults. Any ideas
  12. Dash lights

    Cheers Rusty. Read it and will get it sorted This weekend. Nice 1
  13. Dash lights

    Sure do.
  14. Dash lights

    All, I have no lighting around the heater controls in my Bora. Anyone know if these are easy to change? And to do them? Ta
  15. V W Bora ICE

    Sorry for being a bit thick, but what am i looking for? Any part numbers etc i should be looking for?