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  1. 330d/335d Saloon or Coupe?

    Looks good in Titan silver.....
  2. My new ride . . . .

    Looks good Bicuits! Congrats....
  3. Audi S4 supercharged V6 2009 - Review....

    +1 and maybe faster than my old 135i!
  4. Audi S4 supercharged V6 2009 - Review....

    Great review of the S4.... Thanks!
  5. What Tyres To Replace Run Flats on E90

    +1 for Goodyear F1 asymmetric
  6. Bronze BBS CHs fitted

    Looks good.... BTW ... Nice 5´er
  7. Going low in Sweden....

    All most... Some pic of my 1´er Coupé in Sweden, wheels are Breton GTS-R with F1 Asymmetric! My next mod will be new FMIC and ESS Stage3 flash 400bhp+... and NO chav CF... It is sick fast stock and cant wait to get my flash.... I hope you like it... I do....
  8. 206M 18" MSport Alloys for e87

    I have some M261 in 18" 215/40 and 245/35 with new RunCrap tires (7000 km).
  9. Got myself a LOUD exhaust . . .

    Sick! Congrat with your new toy, any dron??
  10. 135i (Kelleners) Vs e92 M3

    First! I am not a track junkie... Yes, I have just upgrated my suspension with Bilstein and 9-10kg. lighter wheels and this setup totally transformed my car to one sick coupé... M-Sport suspension and RFT suxx big time and a wast of money! The BBK from BMW is a upgrade to 123d and 125i.... 135 with LSD LSD for 135/335 Limited Slip Differential (LSD) for BMW
  11. 135i (Kelleners) Vs e92 M3

    It is not a M.... But some are running LSD, and that is my next mod with a 390 bhp remap...
  12. R32 DSG vs M3 SMG 2 e46 coupe

    +1 for DSG..... Go for the M3 and you have a winner!
  13. 135i (Kelleners) Vs e92 M3

    I don´t know the setup, but with just a tune you are running 330Whp....
  14. R32 DSG vs M3 SMG 2 e46 coupe

    DSG is faster.... 0.2 sec. than 6MT