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  1. TVR as 2nd car and specialist insurers?

    I recently got rid of my E-class in order to add some spice to my life by buying a weekend car and a mile-muncher for the weekdays. I have successfully sorted the latter, but having a few issues with the 2 car concept. I have 9 years NCB on my weekday car (a mundane-o), but clearly I cannot transfer this to work with my 2nd car (some insurers claim they might be able to do this, but in my view it seems to be all b0llocks). I am looking at a 98S anyway, so it probs wouldn't be a nightmare to get a 97R instead and then its 10yr old, and I can get a classic policy. Often these are not concerned with NCB, but do start to specify conditions like it needs to be garaged (I can't do that) and/or that I need to be 30 (I will be in Nov, but then I will have missed the Summer driving!), no convictions (I have 6 points in last 5 years) or even that the car needs to be older still at 15yr or so. Mileage conditions are not an issue as it will be only for playing with, but the others seem to be awkward. Does anyone have any advice regarding insurance when running a TVR as a second car? The cheapest (unusable) quote is £500 for a garaged vehicle, which is cheaper than the cheapest quote I could get if I pulled my NCB off my main car to the TVR, so it seems that classic policies are the way to go, but I want one that isn't arsed about garage (driveway is fine), will insure the under 30's and will accept 10yr old (or pref 9yr old) examples. Am I asking too much? Thanks
  2. Early mid-life crisis

    Perhaps anyway... I get a car allowance from work, and do a few miles, but not like sales rep amount. Currently have a merc E-class diesel, which is great for the M-ways, but not so fun. Well, not really fun at all. I am getting pissed off with racking the miles up on it from new, and paying through the nose for a PCP (mileage limits and all that) and have decided to bin the idea of the single car for all purposes come change time in Dec. I plan to get a used Mondeo (or suchlike, its no so important) oilburner to smoke the work miles, and get a toy for weekends and every spare minute I have. I've always been into TVRs, and I used to work in Blackpool, watching them screaming around with the trade plates gaffer taped to the back. This was when the Cerbera had just come out and it just looked and sounded like nothing else, and still does TBH. In fact every TVR does, and thats why I love them. They are honest, drop-jawed gorgeous, howling, screaming banshees... and obviously blisteringly quick. Anyway, TVR was the first thing I thought about when I had this idea. Everyone I spoke to kept trying to persuade me into things like Lotus Elise or old school porkers like 968. These are all very well, but just don't set me alight like TVR. The thing about recent TVRs is that they are all fantastic, I don't really even have a model preference, but that might be enforced on me by other factors. I reckon a bank loan to the payment I am paying now will net me £5k for a smoker and £12k for a plaything. That looks to be good for a decent chimaera on a 98 or newer plate (I hear reliability improved a lot from this point on), or a slightly higher miles, slight lower in the market cerbera. It might even stretch to a tuscan, but probs a duff one for this money. I have heard about tuscan and cerbera costing "around twice as much" as griff and chim, but I am not really sure if this is because they are less reliable (more electrics to go wrong etc) or because they are quicker they have more performance parts, or higher service costs etc. Now I only have estimates for running costs, but does £500 for a yearly service plus £1k to 2k odds and sods maintenance and repairs sound accurate for a well looked after chim? Does this increase ridiculously with a cerb or tusc? I would be interested to know what anyone thinks really, cos I am sure there are lots of experts and owners in here, and I feel v green to it all... but excited! Cheers