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  1. ABS trouble

    Audipages ABS Troubleshooting guide Symptoms of Fault in the ABS System The ABS system seems to have two common faults. The first is the ABS engaging when light braking is applied and the speed of the car is reduced from about 5 MPH down to a dead stop. There is a pulsating ABS brake and the car is very uneasy to stop. How to Fix The first symptom is a dirty ABS sensor. Just pull the sensor out and clean it. The second symptom is an open circuit in the ABS sensor wire. Either a entire new ABS sensor and connecting wire is required (about $250+ at the dealer for the part), or you can perform a simple electrical repair if you have a few skills and tools for less than $20. I had this same sympton...i cleaned it first which made it go away for another month or 2 and then it failed completely and ended up replacing it altogether. Cleaning it is a real easy job so I would try that first Oli
  2. Anybody want to upgrade their brakes?

    Hi Dave - didn't realise you were on here too! They're going to a good home! Oli
  3. Woohoo! A8 D2 ringless front grille

    Could look interesting.... Very crude mockup but i think it would look better with a chrome surround personally.
  4. From Germany to your annual meet

    Hi Chris, I live in London (but in south west london and stansted is north of london) but if you are in London saturday, i can probably pick you up early sunday morning and drive you to the meet (and back)? My email is ovanbilsen@yahoo.com and my phone number is +44 (0) 7771 538705 I don't check here very often so it's probably best if you email or ring me mate of where you're staying and if you still need a lift. -Oli
  5. Hi, I know there is a classifieds section but if you're anything like me, i bet you rarely visit it So for sale i have my spare set of 18" sport wheels. They are in good nick with minor scuffs but nothing major. I bought them so i could refurbish my original set whilst still keeping it on the road. I had my original set refurbished a few months back so they are now surplus to my needs and could make someone else very happy. They have 2 Continental Tyres and 2 Falken Tyres, all with loads of tread (7mm worth) on them. The tyres sizes are 245/45 ZR 18 96 W Could be a good set to upgrade from 17" non-sport alloys, a replacement for knackered 18" sport wheels, or just buy them for the tyres that it has on them....it's still cheaper than buying 4 new tyres. If interested and want to know more i.e. condition/price/pickup, please email me: ovanbilsen@yahoo.com (preferred) or use PM Thanks, Oli and here they are on my old 8... -Oli
  6. Tilt Sunroof?

    Hilarious guys!!! ON that note, do you know that if you keep the open button pressed on the key, all windows pop down. They also all automatically go up if you keep the 'lock' button pressed in. -Oli
  7. 3.7 Engine failure, lost all drive

    Hi, I haven't posted in a while but in the end i had to write off my blue 3.7QS. The good news is that i bought another 8 It's another 2000 facelift but this one's a 4.2L QS with almost 100k less miles on the clock. I took a whole bunch of pics today which i uploaded here See you all hopefully at the annual meet on June 7th -Oli
  8. Hey harpersimon, If i managed to do it not having ever done it before mate so should you. I just followed the audipages instructions and it was easy enough to do the pads. The tricky bit comes when you do the discs too...it's not difficult but the caliper bolts may need some persuading. Good luck -Oli
  9. 3.7 Engine failure, lost all drive

    Hi and thanks for all the supporting comments A8 Doc - yours in particular made me laugh out loud and feel a whole lot better. Hi Cruiser647, they haven't given a reason for it apart from it just snapping. I think the first thing for them to do is put the head back on, fill it up with oil and coolant and see if there are any leaks or other obvious signs. The car wasn't starved of oil the day before i the engine died but i did notice the level being way down by the time the garage took it, as well as the coolant tank being bone dry (which was also full before this all happened). Seeing the weather outside, i wish i had it today....would be a great day for a bit of detailing! :D ENjoy the good weather with your own 8s this weekend...i'll be joining you again soon hopefully. -Oli
  10. Now bad can OCD get?

    Hey mike looking very good on the old stone chips there mate! Can i take a wild stab and ask if the welder has anything to do with an additional filler cap? -Oli
  11. 3.7 Engine failure, lost all drive

    Hi Chaps, thanks for the feedback and i'll tell you where my head is at... I LOOOOVE my A8! ... i really do! It's been a real labour of love, time and dosh! I looked for months trying to find one in Santorin Blue with Ecrue leathers and apart from 1 that A8parts brought to Billing, it's the only one i've ever seen in the flesh or on the web. I specifically chose this car and (it may seem strange) i wouldn't want to have just any other D2 if i was to replace mine. Sure 360 BHP would be amazing but the 3.7 is plenty powerful and it's not the most important feature for me. I've had such good memories going on long weekend breaks, holidays abroad and the rest and I've spent a lot of the time upgrading it with new toys to get it just how i want it. I may be judged for it but whether i like it or not, i've gotten attached to this car and i really want to keep it - knowing full well that there are risks attached to it and i'll probably drive it for a week only to have the gearbox go this time. Luckily for me, it also still remains financial sense....but only just. The garage have the head off at the moment and luckily the damage was only subjected to the Cylinder Head - a £1,300 +VAT part when new. All i can say is thank god for A8 Parts...they've been awesome as always and i'll hopefully have my replacement head by next week. I'm hoping to get away with no more than £1,600 which makes the decision slightly easier to get it repaired. Now just fingers crossed all the parts go back together smoothly and it's all good when they test it! -Oli
  12. D2 'facelifting' project

    Would the tv tuner from an RNS C/D work on an RNS E or would it require a new tuner? and if so could it be a digital tuner for when the switch over happens? ...just dreaming of what could be! -Oli
  13. D2 'facelifting' project

    Wow iain, that looks awesome...especially like the steering wheel! Might have to keep an eye out on ebay (once my car is fixed)....very jealous!
  14. I took the plunge: S8 now parked in my drive

    CONGRATS!!! Now let's see some pictures
  15. Suspension Linkage change

    Bargain Mike - let us know how you get on taking all the old pieces off and putting the kit back together with your new parts! -Oli