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  1. Who are Leeds?

    The season does not end in December, couple of new defenders in Jan then we'll see.
  2. Oh my...HOW close is this??

    Sod how close I came to death this will be a good pic
  3. City sign Robinho...

    ...while the scum sign Berbatov. Better deal for city IMO, reckon Berbatov is overrated. Took a while for that lot to be confirmed though, wonder what tomorrow will bring on the announcements of todays transfers front.
  4. Who are Leeds?

    *grumbles about league form compared to CC form and the release of Seb Carole*
  5. Fantasy Football League 2008

    just joined, look for Marching On Together
  6. 2008 F1 Season, so who is going to win?

    Judging on the testing, I think that its going to be close between the Ferrari's and Mclarens. Hopefully Williams will finally be back toward the front of the grid where they should be and the Red Bulls could surprise people
  7. Who are Leeds?

    5 games unbeaten, 2 wins on the trot, getting back to some form now
  8. Quite a rare one

    [ QUOTE ] the front wheels are basically straight, yet look how far back in the arch they sit!!! [/ QUOTE ] just noticed that
  9. Mercedes CLS convertable +SLR + M3 CSL.

    who in their right mind would want that grill
  10. DB7 that got it wrong

    your street lamps look expensive
  11. Quite a rare one

    not sure if rare goes far enough
  12. Better than an Atom?

    430 bhp/ton....... well b***er me
  13. Strachan to Magpies - CONFIRMED!

  14. Who are Leeds?

    shall do, might struggle with this lack of midfielders that the short tw*t thinks we have atm, afterall we've only got Thompson Carole Westy Douggie Johnson Da Costa Sousa Kilkenny Prutton Howson Sweeney Bayley Hughes Weston
  15. Big Sam given the Spanish Archer

    poisoned challice from the start