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  1. M4a files on Navi

    Can I play m4a files on the SD card? Again, it's an 06 A4 with Nav. Thanks! G
  2. Thanks for that. Looks like I'll be getting 2 gig cards. I was thinking about integrating the ipod to the stereo but I havent found a solution that will work for me. I dont like the idea of being restricted to playing 5 playlists and when you have 20000 songs on your ipod it's nice to be able to see the track info. Glad to be on board. It took me a while to find a good Audi forum and so far this one seems to be good. G
  3. Hi I have just purchased an '06 A4 with Nav and was wondering if there is any limitation to the size of the SD card slot. Can I use an 8 GIG card? Also what information is displayed on the screen when playing via the SD card? Does it at least show the file name or is it just track 1, track 2, etc. Thanks G
  4. carelectronics-ML-1166065-ML-