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  1. very disturbing

    Hey thanks. I'm actually in the U.S. so that wont work but I bought it from A dealer who is a friend of mine. Here we are a year after the warranty but he is still offering to pay. He already asked a couple of his mechanics and they accused me of being on drugs! Well I guess its time to take up his free offer.
  2. engine noise

    oops sory its a 1.8 t funny enough though I compared it to a couple cars last night and realized she really just purrs like a kitten especialy compared to my girlfriends 95 golf oof that that sounds like a wild animal got stuck under the hood
  3. very disturbing

    This is going to sound very starnge and probably thats because it is. Since I bought my car a 99 passat I have found 2 things. First when I fill it up if I dont leave the car running it is very diifficult to start it just doesnt want to turn over. Second the gas gauge fluctuates after the cars been on long enough it falls to empty then will pop back and its ussually only correct when I have just filled it up? Any ideas? I would appreciate it
  4. engine noise

    i have noticed when my car is idling it is a bit louder than newer vw's its a 99 passat but I still think it shouldnt be as loud as it is. Hey maybe I'm paranoid but maybe not. I will say its got alot of power and whatevers making the noise doesnt seem to affected the hp at all