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  1. Hi, I recently bought a 51 reg A3 diesel auto and drove it home over 200miles with no problems with the gearbox whatsoever! I then left the car parked for a week and the battery ran flat. I didn't have the stereo code so I charged the battery without removing the positive or negative. The battery now has charge and the car starts first time but will only select first gear when in Drive? It will reverse or drive in 1st but that's all?? What have I done? Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Auto gearbox stuck in 1st gear??

    Im sorry I do not know the specifics other than 130bhp 1.9 TDI engine and autobox? I have checked the fuses above the battery and they are ok? Any ideas anyone...?
  3. Auto gearbox stuck in 1st gear??

    BUMP! .....has no one had a similar issue? This Forum has saved me in the past so please keep up your 100% record.
  4. Hi, I have just bought a second hand Audi A6 Nav Plus unit (4BO 035 192 K)thinking it would drop straight into my A8 centre console to replace my broken A8 Nav Plus unit (4DO 035 192 N) but no, he A6 surround is actually wider? I then thought I would be able to remove the 4 gold torx screws on the reverse and swap the fronts over but even though the front feels free it will not disconnect? Has anyone exchanged the fronts of these Nav Plus units and if so what do I need to do? All help and advice greatly appreciated. thanks, Brian.
  5. Hi, I have tried searching the Forum but here goes: My 2002 A8 2.8 Q with 183k miles and runing on lpg has started to use coolant at a rate of a couple of litres every 100 miles or so. There is no trace of water in the oil but I am seeing occassional white smoke from the exhaust. The rest of the coolant system seems secure so am I right in thinking the water is leaking into a cylinder and blowing out the back? If so, based on the cars high mileage but full service history, has never overheated etc, is it likeley to be the gasket? Head? Block? All of the above? I am trying to assess what my next step is? I have owned the car for 5yrs and loved (nearly) every minute! Has anyone had this issue and gone down the route of repair etc and at what cost? I really know this car inside out and it has coped with my 350 mile a week commute for the last 2 yrs so would like to hang on if possible but need to do the sums... thanks for your help Brian.
  6. White Smoke from my exhaust????

    ok....hiss is perhaps not the best word to describe but it appears / sounds normal? My lads car had a headgasket problem a while back and when I removed the expansion tank cap it virtually exploded and erupted? The A8 is nothing like this. Carpets are dry? What is the going rate for a headgasket replacement on an A8?
  7. White Smoke from my exhaust????

    Hi, when I have had the dash warning symbol to top up the expansion tank I open the filler cap and apart from the epected hiss I do not get any back pressure / bubbling? Before I had the LPG fitted I researched the valve burning associated with this type of fuel but got the impression the A8 should cope? I havent tested the coolant for gases so I suppose thats the next step.....
  8. Hi, I recently changed my front pads and a calliper which had seized and now the pad low warning symbol in the centre of the dash will not clear? I have double checked all connections, made sure wires are cable tied back out the way, no rubbing visible etc..brakes work fine except for the warning symbol? I expected this to clear once pads were replaced - is there anything else I should be doing?? thanks in advance.....
  9. A8 alternator fault - now car won't start??

    Sorry for the delay in replying........It has ran fine on petrol and LPG as I haven't yet let it drop below half way on the gauge. I have been tempted to see what happens but as I need the car to do an 80mile round trip everyday Im not prepared to take the risk? Just to update as well, the 120amp Alternator seems to be coping with everything switched on( heated seats, front & rear demist, lights, music etc..) except I get an annoying message from the sat nav that it can't read the disc? I have received details on here for an updated sat nav disc version which I hope santa is bringing but this message wouldnt be connected to the amps query..would it? Not every time I get in the car but when the message arrives and I cancel it, it can trigger again and again....6 times one morning and then ok?
  10. Hi, the battery failed me about a week ago and with it being 7yrs old I thought I would charge it up but replace with a new one. Drove to my garage and they said its the alternator not the battery. I have been advised that the alternator on mine is not common but I could use a 120amp instead of the 150amp previously fitted. Whilst driving back home to source an alternator the battery failed again and the car spluttered and coffed to a stop in the middle of rush hour traffic! Fired up after a couple of mins but was mis firing and auto box was struggling just to get to the side of the road? The A8 was transported to the garage and a 120amp alternator was sourced and fitted but now the car turns over but will not start? Any ideas? Have I damaged something whilst forcing the car to the side of the road?? All help appreciated.....
  11. A8 alternator fault - now car won't start??

    It looks like I need to investigate this further as the info on here definateley contradicts what I have been told by the garage? One for the new year.............
  12. 2002 Sat Nav update...............

    Excellent........thanks for the info.
  13. Hi, how do I update the Sat Nav in my 2002 A8. Im doing a lot more travelling and coming across more crossroads that have turned into hospitals or roundabouts....?
  14. A8 alternator fault - now car won't start??

    Update: Finally got my car back on Thursday - after much investigation this is what I have been advised. When the original fault with alternator / battery happened I have damaged one of the pumps in the fuel tank. Due to the tanks horseshoe design ( ? ) the pump that drives the fuel over to the other side has ceased to work ( reasons unknown ) which now means I have to ensure I never drop below the half a tank mark or my engine will cease to receive fuel. I asked for an estimate to fix and to replace the tank ( is the pump part of the tank ? ) and the supply and installation price was over 2000pounds plus vat !?!?!? Question: Is there an alternative fix to replacing tank and pump? Has anyone had similiar problems and can point me in the right direction? All help appreciated....
  15. A8 alternator fault - now car won't start??

    Thanks for your replies.....unfortunately the car is still with the garage and they haven't looked at it yet due to prior commitments? I will advise them of the immobiliser issue because that sounds most likely ( fingers crossed ). I raised several concerns about the 120amp versus the 150amp and I was advised there shouldn't be an issue?? As soon as I know more I will update.............
  16. A8 alternator fault - now car won't start??

    PsYcHe ....thanks for your reply. I have left it with the garage over the weekend. Apparently the car is trying to fire up but just keeps turning as if no fuel or no spark? The 120 amp alternator supplied is supposed to output very near to the original 150amp that was on the car ( Im not a techie ). I will know more Monday.......
  17. Gearbox Oil & Filter - Which Garages?

    zak.car German Auto's, Derby should know what they are talking about as they serviced my 2.8Q A8 last year and did an excellent job! I took a copy of "how to ...." from elsewhere in this forum and had no problems....other than them getting the bits from Audi.... as "the gearbox is non serviceable sir!" attitude slowed the parts finally arriving. I have had no problems since, but Ive read on here its advisable to go through the process again, after a few thousand miles, just to confirm all the cr@p is removed? One for later this year - funds permitting? I have used them for MOT's etc and nothing seems too much trouble - excellent customer service at a reasonable rate!
  18. A8 converted to LPG?

    Hi, has anyone converted their A8 to gas? I am considering having my '51' 2.8 Q Sport converted in the new year - just wondered what pro's & con's anyone has experienced Any help/advice appreciated....
  19. A8 converted to LPG?

    Mike: Your right....I have spoken to the fitter and it was a 100ltr tank they were trying to install? I think Ive misunderstood when they were advising it would carry 90 ltrs of LPG? ( DOH!) In your photo have you used a proportion of your boot carpet to make the panel that covers your tank? Mine is currently bent up leaning against it. Its a job for the weekend and cannot decide if to source some similiar carpet or cut my original in two?? Brian.
  20. A8 converted to LPG?

    ENTWISI: I've been looking into this for some time, getting various prices and opinions from different installers. After lengthy conversations with "Andrew" I decided to bid for a system through ebay: PROFESS AUTOGAS, YSTRAD MYNACH, WALES. CF82 7SW. They have excellent feedback and, as previously mentioned, he had an A8 converted that I could have a look at. It would have been installed in a day....8.30am - 8pm...except for the issue with the tank. I have bought the software and cable to self diagnose should there be any problems - it has a 2yr warranty and all for the winning bid of £1220. MIKE: It is odd but it just would not fit....?
  21. A8 converted to LPG?

    ....as promised: The LPG system is now installed and functioning perfectly! The only problem encountered was the size of tank I could have? I did not want the dohnut type in the spare wheel well so requested the cylinder, in the boot, across the back seat. I was told a 90-100ltr tank would fit but after a great deal of time and effort it just would not fit safely!?!?(i.e I could have it sat on the boot floor held in with straps BUT not on the frame - the fitter suggested it was not a good idea!) I have settled with a 70ltr cylinder mounted on its frame. It had to be specially ordered as they did not have a 70ltr onsite. This is a key point to mention - if anyone else is interested in having their "02" A8 converted? I was shown a "97" A8 with the larger tank fitted but the same tank would not fit in mine? Does anyone know why there should be a difference of around 20mm?? The amount of boot space lost is a fair trade for still being able to carry my spare where it should be! I will post some photo's asap.....
  22. Non Audi TV receiver??

    Anyone on here fitted a non-Audi TV receiver to their A8? Mine has the screen and tv mode but no receiver? I have seen a used A8 receiver for sale at around £100 but I have seen some brand new non-Audi receiver's for around £50. Just wondered what the pro's and con's were......?
  23. A8/S8 Roll Call

    .....Im even slower than "sloss" in spotting this thread? Jamez3 - 2002 2.8 Silver Q Sport, Derby. Looking forward to my first meet !!
  24. A8 converted to LPG?

    Hi, My wife picked the A8 up Wed and asked the mechanic if there were any problems fitting the brakes? He said no. I will have to call in and see him r.e Torx or Not? It needed two tyres and a track rod end for the MOT. I already bought two good tyres off ebay so whilst the wheels were off I took them to my local tyre fitter whilst he ordered and fitted the track rod end. He also fitted the Front Discs and Pads and did an Oil & Filter Change. Including the MOT it all came to £236...cash!! Well chuffed. Im having the LPG system installed next Friday...I will keep you posted!
  25. A8 converted to LPG?

    PsYcHe...that description sounds familiar? It was a few weeks ago when I did the rears, which were pretty easy, but the fronts were whole different ball game! I nearly chickened out and just fitted the pads as it was getting dark but decided to give the fronts another go the following morning - the torx bolts still wouldnt budge?? I should be picking my car up Tues if all has gone well. I will post any issues the garage may have had with some photo's just to clear up any confusion? Thanks again....