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  1. BTCC 2017

    I'd agree with that
  2. BTCC 2017

    Sheddon is definitely not averse to a bit of 'push to pass' overtaking.
  3. Formula E

    I've only caught a few bits of Formula E but I've quite enjoyed it. I don't understand the rules and car swap stuff but the racing is quite good.
  4. They could but they wanted to get a massive userbase that use the product a lot. That way people are often left with little choice but to pay up.
  5. No, not really. The cost of bandwidth isn't the issue, it's the desire to monetise things that's causing it.
  6. It's fecking awful, all but unusable.
  7. Actually, I won't edit the post - the edit button is no longer there. Sorry, can't be arsed to post from scratch. TSN needs a fecking kick. It's as slow as anything and now I can't edit an old post. Feck that. Feck that in the ear.
  8. Bastards. They want $400 to enable 3rd party hosting. They can feck off. I'll upload them somewhere else and edit the posts
  9. Apple Watch launch

    I agree, they're not the absolute must have devices that Apple were hoping but I do find it very useful. Apple Pay is great but as you said it's a pain that the readers are on the wrong side so you end up having to contort your wrist a bit to use it. Just yesterday I had to go the post office and was in a rush so ended up leaving my wallet and phone at home. Good job I had my Apple watch on so that I could pay. Mostly I use mine for the same reasons as you - activity tracking and calendar notifications.
  10. Apple Watch launch

    I'm still wearing mine pretty much every day.
  11. 1Gbps Fibre Internet

    Nice. There's talk of a local company around here offering gigabit fibre but I can't see it happening sadly. I'd really like more upstream, the 20Mbps I get from BT Infinity isn't enough.
  12. Time for a thread revival. I bought a Qvia AR790 2ch from Mook back in April and finally got around to getting it installed this morning. Mook - Karl's a good guy, did a great job. I've been for a quick drive and the footage is indeed excellent. I've changed the wifi password and cocked it up somehow so need to sort that but first impressions of the cam is good
  13. South Africa

    I found out the hard way too. The first time I went to SA I went to Addo National Park and went on a night time safari. I'd ordered a lovely cold can of Hunters Gold (I'm not a cider drinker but I do like that stuff) for the drive and when it arrived I was massively envious of those that had ordered coffee and hot chocolate.
  14. South Africa

    I found that the white South Africans were very friendly to us but treated the black South Africans like they were something they'd scraped off the bottom of their shoes. It made me quite uncomfortable. We stayed at a few different camps. I don't remember the order but we stayed at Crocodile Bridge, Lower Sabie, Satara and Orpen. Damn, I really want to go back. Cape Town is an amazing place. When you go try and head up Signal Hill and you'll get a cracking view of the city.
  15. F1 Live London, Trafalgar Square on Wed July 12

    I'm in London tomorrow so will try and pop by.