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  1. Kubica

    I'm torn. It'll be good to see a great driver back on the grid but let's face it, the WIlliams is a piece of crap so he's got no chance of being competitive.
  2. My other half recently bought a 16 place Civic Type R. The looks aren't entirely to my tastes but she loves it. The thing is a riot to drive and I adore the gear change.
  3. The £1k mobile phone

    It'd be great if that functionality were introduced again but tbh it is a minor grumble at most.
  4. The £1k mobile phone

    The only grumble I have with Face ID is that I can't enrol another face/ It;d be very handy if my girlfriend could use it too. We each have a thumb enrolled in Touch ID on each other's iDevices, it;s very convenient but not possible with the X. I think the app switching method on the X is clumsy but I'm getting used to it. Wireless charging is nice.
  5. F1 2017

    Yep, I'm sure it would. It may even be a stronger sport without them.
  6. Motor GP - Valencia

    It amazes me how MM93 can get away with things like that. It's a real treat to watch him ride. He'll definitey eclipse VR46, he's in a different league. A very well deserved title. I wanted Dovi to win but was knew it was unlikely.
  7. Injection prices

    It's worth saying that in mid August there was a national shortage of Hep A vaccinations which had been ongoing for a few months and was expected to last until the end of the year so it's worth getting booked in sooner rather than later if she'll need a Hep A shot.
  8. Injection prices

    Have a look for a Masta Travel Clinic. Their website will tell you what you need and also the prices. I used them before my trip to China + North Korea and was able to get booked in at fairly short notice.
  9. WiFi extension

    You'd be hard pressed to get 500Mbps out of a T1 - they're only about 1.5Mbps circuits and only really seen in the US.
  10. WiFi extension

    I'd leave Powerline as a last resort. In theory it's a good idea but in practise they'll get nowhere near the headline figures and depending on your wiring may give you such a poor connection that you'd be better off with iffy wireless. I like Ubiquiti wireless stuff, I have 3 of these in my large 4 bed house and I get great signal all over the house and in the back garden. In addition to the access points you need something to act as a controller but I can tell you more about that if you're interested. My brother has the new BT HomeHub and it's pretty rubbish, the wireless range is marginally better but the throughput tails off very badly so whilst there's a signal in all the bodrooms the throughout isn't good enough for Netflix to work reliably. He's getting a couple of the Ubiquiti access points I have.
  11. VR46 - Enduro Accident

    What an amazing ride from an amazing rider!
  12. F1 2017

    Wise, as this quite from the article would suggest - " It was a good thing they were wearing sunglasses, in case they had to look in the mirror "
  13. VR46 - Enduro Accident

    Very bad news, I hope he's back on the bike soon.
  14. BTCC 2017

    I'd agree with that
  15. BTCC 2017

    Sheddon is definitely not averse to a bit of 'push to pass' overtaking.
  16. Formula E

    I've only caught a few bits of Formula E but I've quite enjoyed it. I don't understand the rules and car swap stuff but the racing is quite good.
  17. Inspired by the 'TripAdvisor - the worst' thread I thought I'd post some pictures from the slightly unusual holiday I had in May. It was pretty much all arranged through the good people at Lupine Travel who arranged the Chernobyl stuff for the BBC when Top Gear were there. Firstly we flew from Luton (what a sh1te hole) to Chisinau in Moldova - the poorest country in Europe. My other half has been there a couple of times on business and really enjoyed her time there where she made some good friends. The hotel we stayed in was straight from the 1970's Soviet Union. Concrete. Lots of Concrete: I wouldn't describe the room decor as modern but it was spotlessly clean and unlike a lot of hotels I stay in there shower was really good. It was good to know they'd taken care of fire safety by installing fire cocks. I'm not entirely sure why, but the pyramid of 1970's televisions outside the breakfast room amused me greatly. Moldova is known for wine and is home to the two largest wine cellars in the world. We went to Cricova, the second largest cellar which has about 120Km of roadways dug into the limestone. The temperature in the winery was perfect, outside it was really hot but inside it was about 12 degrees. We had a tour of the winery then had a wine tasting which resulted in us all getting a bit pissed. The food was excellent. These wine barrels are enormous, about 10 foot in diameter. I'll very happily go back to Moldova. It's cheap, very cheap there and the people were very friendly. Food was excellent and I was surprised at how much Englush was spoken, there were a few places we went where restaurant menus were only in English.
  18. They could but they wanted to get a massive userbase that use the product a lot. That way people are often left with little choice but to pay up.
  19. No, not really. The cost of bandwidth isn't the issue, it's the desire to monetise things that's causing it.
  20. It's fecking awful, all but unusable.
  21. Actually, I won't edit the post - the edit button is no longer there. Sorry, can't be arsed to post from scratch. TSN needs a fecking kick. It's as slow as anything and now I can't edit an old post. Feck that. Feck that in the ear.
  22. Bastards. They want $400 to enable 3rd party hosting. They can feck off. I'll upload them somewhere else and edit the posts
  23. Apple Watch launch

    I agree, they're not the absolute must have devices that Apple were hoping but I do find it very useful. Apple Pay is great but as you said it's a pain that the readers are on the wrong side so you end up having to contort your wrist a bit to use it. Just yesterday I had to go the post office and was in a rush so ended up leaving my wallet and phone at home. Good job I had my Apple watch on so that I could pay. Mostly I use mine for the same reasons as you - activity tracking and calendar notifications.
  24. Apple Watch launch

    I'm still wearing mine pretty much every day.
  25. 1Gbps Fibre Internet

    Nice. There's talk of a local company around here offering gigabit fibre but I can't see it happening sadly. I'd really like more upstream, the 20Mbps I get from BT Infinity isn't enough.