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  1. I've posted this in the general forum but if anyone on here can help me i would be most grateful. I need to know what is the correct service schedule for an 06 rs4 on long life service schedule. I have been told that it has to be within 2 years regardless of mileage and I need to know for sure if this is correct. Thx
  2. What would you do.

    Ok , on another thread somebody has stated that on the rs4 the first service on long life service schedule has to be within 20000 miles. If this is the case then my car after all of this has not be serviced properly. Does anybody know for sure?
  3. What would you do.

    It's sitting on my drive. Due to the problems I've had they will do the next service for free and as I mentioned that an alloy wheel has some flaking on it they have said they will refurb all wheels whenever i want. I've looked at the service history and it shows that it had new front disc under warranty at 19000 miles. Also the the service schedule was on long life and the first service was done in December 08 , the car was registered in Nov 06 and it had 23000 miles on it at the time of the service, the last service was done just before I collected it which was at 39500 miles and included new pads , tyres etc... I questioned the service history and they have assured me that it is correct and proper. I've asked them to put this in writing to me. They have recommended that I service the car yearly now though which for a vehicle like that I would of thought was standard? I've given it a quick wash to personally check the bodywork and it looks lovely. I just hope that this journey improves for me. Scoot
  4. What would you do.

    The service manager ( i think it was the service manager ) said he would just go and check again on the progress of my car after I got the hump over it not being ready. My gut feeling was that they hadn't even started on my vehicle and he's gone back into the service bay to get my car on the ramp asap. They haven't bothered to ring me back as yet. Still waiting ......
  5. What would you do.

    Actually the more I think about this the more I'm pissed off. I specifically told the salesman that I wanted the car checked all over again. The service manager told me that they haven't been able to start on it because they've had other cars on the ramps. In other words they haven't given the car a full check either as I had said.
  6. What would you do.

    I put down a £13500 and financed the rest with lombard. I spoke to the dealer last night and told him how unhappy I was with how this all has played out. He's told me that the car would be rdy tomorrow afternoon and I explained that I want the car checked over again to make sure everything was spot on. He understood how I felt regarding the key and would replace the lock and basically that was it. So I ring up just to find out if its rdy and was told it's not going to be ready till tomorrow morning now. FFS , ive just said why is it not ready if all that needs to be done is replace this bloody pipe. I've left it with the service manager telling him that I'm not happy to be told that he'll go look into it again and ring me back. Now I don't know if they've found something else wrong with it or that they simply can't be that bothered how I feel! If they ring me back and say it's not ready I'm going to tell them to keep it. .
  7. What would you do.

    The extended warranty on a rs4 is £1700, so I think I would be pushing it. The car was £28500 which seemed a good price for the spec and the fact it had new pads and tyres all-round and came with 12 month warranty. I'll push the case for a free service if they don't have the original service book but I don't really want to go over the top and demand the earth. If they play up on any matters I will want to reject the car and will be putting this in writing. I was tempted to ask them for refund and put the deposit money on a new rs5 but there seems to be little excitement about the vehicle and the fact that it's going to cost another 30k to upgrade I don't think that's the best idea.
  8. What would you do.

    In the brief 4 day ownership I found the car to be simply amazing. I tried the new m3 but after two years in a dms 335d I honestly didn't find the m3 special. After being alone driving that rs4 at night down my local roads I can honestly say that the rs4 is a very special vehicle. Right this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to tell them i want the lock changed. I have a feeling that the car was not a part exchange as they said, so I'm worried about access to my vehicle. I'm going to inform them I want the car fully checked again by their head mechanic. Discs etc... And I want a report saying everything is a1 even down to the seats. I want a full report on all service history on the vehicle and to ensure that all maintenance is correct on the vehicle. And then I'm going to suck it up and enjoy it.
  9. What would you do.

    Can I take it back on the basis of the cracked pipe and bolt or should I push the fact that if the lock is not replaced then my vehicle is not secure ? What's annoyed me is I had no knowledge that there was going to be any issues with these items. IMO if I had known that the service record and spare key were not present I would of not bought the vehicle simply on the basis that If the previous owner was that slack on a special vehicle like that , then what else is hiding for me? The other thing is that if the dealer had taken this in part exchange surely they would of checked that all was present and if not they would have known straight away ? I mean they have told me that they had serviced the car themselves so they obviously new there was an issue. The above is what's really bugging me. It's the feeling that I've played my part 100%. I paid the asking price in full and bought local to hopefully get the goodwill from them. If I ring them tomorrow I think i would have an argument on my hands to get my money back.
  10. What would you do.

    I'll ask them to give me the complete print out of the service record and ask the head mechanic to look at the vehicle and come back to me. The problem with the key is I carry equipment worth over 10k in the vehicle and the idea , though very unlikely, that someone has the ability to access my vehicle bloody annoys me. I think I'll just have to take this on the chin and explain I want everything complete by e end of the week or I will reject the car.
  11. What would you do.

    Ok short version as I've read above and decided it's best I use my laptop for these kind of things. Bought car on tuesday and was told that spare key and service records would all follow. Car breaks down on Saturday and is still at dealer with a broken oil pipe and bolt. Ask dealer where is my spare key and original service book to be told they had to order a new key and they've no idea if they've got the original service book coming, but don't worry as the service record is on audi computer. Told dealer before I left that i would not of bought the vehicle had I known that these items were lost but decided to just leave as I was hungry and getting grumpy. So should I suck it up and just let them fix it and just hope that someone doesn't use the lost key on my vehicle or should I try to reject the car? Thx
  12. What would you do.

    I've bought an iPad and it's terrible for writing threads so please excuse above.
  13. What would you do.

    I've posted this on another forum but I'm still undecided what to and would like your opinions before I charge into the dealer on Monday. Popped round to my local dealer to actually look at a new shape s4 for my wife to run and for me to occAsionally hoon about in but on arriving at the dealer they had an rs4 saloon up for £28500. Went for a quick spin and though the dealer said there were a few issues with the car it would be all sorted on collection and the car came with a full audi service history + it had just been serviced with new tyres a lll round. In my eyes I was buying a pretty safe car with it just being serviced etc. I didn't get a discount . I paid the asking price though I tried to get something off but in the end of the day I wanted to buy the car local just in case something went wrong. I should state I know the dealer and the salesman for quite a few years now. So I paid extra for the ugly phone cradle to be removed and paid for a detailer to work on the vehicle for 2 days before I collected the car. So on Tuesday I collected the car which looked fantastic and after signing for it I asked where the spare key and service book was to be told that "don't worry it's all coming soon." Ok , I know the dealer and salesman quite well and it's a small city I live in where everyone knows everyone so I didn't chase the matter. I believed everything would arrive in due course. The car was fantastic for 4 days but this Saturday I found oil dripping from underneath the vehicle. Took it round to the dealer and we all watched as the mechanic put nit up that there was a cracked metal pipe and bolt. I think it was feeding the intercooler ? I'm not best pleased but things happen but I was getting slightly suspicIous regarding the key and service book. So I ask about the key to be told that they've had to order a new one. I inform them I'm not to happy about that as I was concerned that a key to my vehicle in floating about to be told "don't worry we will reprogram the your keys only work". I believe that those can be done but the lost key can still open the doors etc... The next bit is I ask that if they cant find the key then what about the service record to be told that they are waiting for to come in still. I tell the salesman that if they can't find the spare key than most likely you won't find the original key. He then says that it's all ok as all the records are stored on audi database. I'm annoyed about all of this. At the time of purchasing the vehicle if I had known the car had a lost key and missing original service record I would of not purchased the vehicle! I feel let down by the dealer and though he said the car came in as a part exchange on a new vehicle I don't believe them and have a feeling they just bought the vehicle from an auction house. The car is at the dealers and I'm under sided if I'm blowing this out of all proportions or that really I should kick up a fuss and try to walk away from the vehicle and buy another after taking more time. What would you do?
  14. Lexus 48 hour test drive !

    Tough i'm not too impressed with the main dealers responce i can totally understand where he's coming from. A lot of these main dealers will be making redundancies . To have people waste their time/money with no intention of buying in this climate is frankly @ucked up!
  15. There are a few GT-R's available for delivery for June/July at the dealers. As someone who pulled out of my order a long time ago due to having a estimated delivery date of first quarter 2010, I'd be pissed off with Nissan having my deposit of £3500 for over a year and then to find out someone can order a car today and get it the same time as me. Judging by this i think non nav cars will drop quite a bit in the first year and any speculator's will be getting burnt! Still seem a lot of car for the money though.