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  1. golf mk3 17" alloys ??????

    go 205/45/17 on my golf and they fit well, rbbed about a cm of th inner arch away but nothing major, the heights fine it's just the width you need to worry about.
  2. Phaeton

    G*03, brown (do they only make one colour) on Perry Street in Gravesend/Northfleet today at about 1.30 Anyone know who this is??
  3. Black S3 and Yellow A3

    Black A3 (seen on Sunday) with what seemed like 18" rims on in Bexleyheath near the golf club up a road called something like Iris ... Yellow A3 going passed Darenth Valley hospital toward Dartford from Bluewater way,seen today (Tuesday at 2.00pm) Anyone??
  4. Turbo!!!!!

    It's a 1.4, thanks bjacks i'll check it out, I need a turbo just for the badboy dumpvalve sound... tsssssssssssh. just kidding.
  5. Your favourite car(s) of all time

    That's the caddy that was on Top Gear, it even looks huge on a 5.6" screen!
  6. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... ...he said whip it out.
  7. Your dream garage.

    McLaren F1 Ferrari Enzo CLK GTR
  8. Turbo!!!!!

    I would really like to fit a turbo to my MK3 golf and am going to make a project out of it over the summer, does anyone know what sort of turbo I should look to use and/or how much it would cost, (part only, I will be fitting it myself) Also how complicated is it to make a new manifold to fit my engine?? Any help at all would be appreciated.
  9. Your dream garage.

    Fiat 500 Reliant Robin a Dodge Viper for shopping trips.
  10. Your dream garage.

    Just to be different I'd build a mud hut, that way I could always extend it easily if it got full... see what you can come up with when you use your noggin!
  11. Mad number plate prices (again)

    Liar, you just regret not buying one of them! be honest, you'd love private plate. How can you say they ar Max Powrish, every high roller in London has a private plate!! I'd still consider buying one, if it has S3 xxx then you don't have to space it illegally either!
  12. Radio interference

    [ QUOTE ] Sorry OT but badboy, are you sure this isn't the ECU "hunting" due to a faulty wheel speed sensor on the 106? Or is it just when the radio is on that it does it? [/ QUOTE ] I don't know, I've only witnessed it once and he said it was when he puts the radio on, it's not the same with CD's just Radio??? Crazy!!
  13. Answers Please!!!

    Heheheh, I think you've done him!
  14. Answers Please!!!

    Ha ha ha, whatever man.
  15. Mad number plate prices (again)

    how much are S3 ROX and S3 WKD? they're wkd!