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  1. In car security devices

    Hi snoopy thanks for your reply, that text alert system sounds very good and useful and will stop me worrying as much when i park my car up. How do you set it up? What are the costs? Cheers Tony
  2. Refurb diamond cut alloys

    Ok cheers Jon, yeah let me know ow it goes, good luck.
  3. Hi. Does anyone know af a place that'll refurbish my RS8 style 18" alloys in the Manchester? Not many places do these sort of wheels coz of the diamond cut shinny finish!!! Cheers Tony
  4. Insurance renewal time

    Thats with protected no claims bonus too :-)
  5. Insurance renewal time

    Esure. £468 fully comp + £20 legal cost, im 28, 8 years no claims bonus, 3 points for speeding, MK4 Golf GTI 1.8 T 150 bhp. I went on, its really good and cheap!!! Cheers
  6. In car security devices

    They do sound good, brother in law has got one of those steering wheel crook locks hes giving me, its thatcham approved too!
  7. In car security devices

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr if anyone nicks it they'll get
  8. In car security devices

    Thanks. My brother in law said these MK4 Golf are virtually un-nickable because of the immobiliser. I may not get one as they are £53 on ebay (good price though, £80 at halfords) i'll spend the money on a leather arm rest Cheers
  9. Different engine codes

    When i test drove the golf (W reg, 2000) with the AGU engine the accelerater seemed really keen, just a tickle with the right foot and it revved right up, alot more than the golf i just sold, but that was only a 2.0 GTi.
  10. In car security devices

    Hi. I've been looking at making my new car more secure and to put off potential car thieves. I've been looking at 'Disklok's' that go completely over your steering wheel, and they spin if they are attempted to get off. What do you think? Thanks Tony
  11. Different engine codes

    Thanks Chungster, very useful!!!!
  12. Different engine codes

    Thanks lads
  13. Different engine codes

    Thanks Robin. Is mine (AGU) the newer version? I read somewhere that the other code i said can be chipped up to 210 BHP. Cheers
  14. Different engine codes

    Hello again, Whats the difference between diffent 1.8 T engine codes, i thought they were all the same, i.e. AUM, mines a AGU. Also why do they make different engines? Cheers