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  1. Ferrari 599 Park lane

    I saw a red Ferrari 599, Arabic plates parked outside a hotel on park lane. Shame I couldn't get a photograph. Also saw a white Lamborghini Murceilago on the A40. One of those refugees who wash your windscreen for a few quid at the lights approached him!!! He went crazy
  2. Do you know what fuel Waitrose use???? I used some of their fuel and it was crap
  3. Just saw a Skyline GTR blasting out of the Jet. Idiot
  4. Audi S8 2002 for sale

    Try getting a valuation from WHAT car.com Their reasonably accurate
  5. 2.0TFSI should be run on 98RON (or 99) fuel and specifically V-Power. Stop being a cheapskate and look after that fine car of yours!!! [/ QUOTE ] Nicely put
  6. Sorry missed that bit out but thanks. I'm on about the super.
  7. JET fuel- Just forget it!I've been seeing loads of people with BMW's (M5's, M3's), 07 plate Audi's with big engines filling up at JET. What is up with people?? It's one of the worst fuels money can buy! Tesco- Although people say supermarket fuel is rubbish, Tesco fuel is 98 RON (don't ask me what that is). The same RON as Shell's. It's just the same quality fuel but for cheaper. High performance car manufactures advise you to use 98 RON because you get the maximum out of your car. The engine should work and last longer. Shell- Excellent fuel. It powers Ferrari F1 cars so........ Bit expensive though. 98 RON also All the rest.........I'll let you judge for your self
  8. Audi 100 C2

    I just spoke to him and he says it was a saloon with round headlights and it was well quick. London to leeds 2 hours, so! I'm stuck about what model it was. Anyone know what model it was ?????????
  9. Perm-destroyer: the 1000BHP TT

    check out the link: http://www.topgear.com/content/news/stories/2099/ What do you think
  10. Audi 100 C2

    cool mate nice one
  11. Shell Helix lubricants

    Anyone want to rate the helix oil???????? Is it better than Mobil one?????????
  12. Audi 100 C2

    My granddad use to own an Audi 100, C2 range, 200 5t. He went and sold his many many years ago. He now wants one but we can't seem to find one. Anybody out there whose got one or knows where i can get on form????? Let me know pls
  13. Audi 100 C2

  14. Rare Bentley brochure

    It's sold £100 I have more brochures so if anyone wishes to get there hands on one, send me a message and we can negotiate a price>