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  1. Hello everyone I am wanting to buy the Integra DC5 model but unsure about going to Japan myself and importing it as opposed to buying here from the UK. People informed me that it doesn't actually cost a great bundle to bring a car from abroad, in fact it costs just over £1000 and you could purchase a brand new Integra from a Honda Garage in Japan for the cost of a 04 or 05 plate here in the UK. I was wondering whether anyone has done this and what there experience was of importing a car abroad. I have a few sites in mind for buying a DC5 here in the UK such as: - www.pistonheads.com - http://www.allvehicles.co.uk - http://www.torque-gt.co.uk/links.php Anyone be able to further some garages that deal with Integra DC5 models? Thanks in advance and advice is much appreciated