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  1. REVO settings with a SPS 3

    yes, revo et al should give updates for the car if and when needed.
  2. REVO settings with a SPS 3

    yes, i think it's safer in general running with a wetter mixture rather than lean. leaner will probably avoid the issue you are having at a guess. Hopefully someone with handson rather than theoretical knowledge will help. just try as many combinations you can. first alter boost, then fuel etc etc then alter two together and so on until you find the one you like. Just remember that it might never get back to perfect because the ECU does protect itself and requires a service to get back to default - e.g. if in thin or perhaps hot air it will compensate to protect the engine, but doesn't revert back when conditions get back to normal from what I've been told.
  3. but the thing is in real life it really doesn't look as retarded as that pic. the perspective is the worst - something a few magazines have come across when trying to photograph it. It's just not big enough when sitting at the side of the curb to look so out of proportion. I dunno anymore. Guess I sound like a 1coupe apologist. Either way, for 32+k I still wouldn't touch it even if it looked amazing given it's so cramped.
  4. ECU Upgrade for 1 year old GTI

    9 points in 3 months!!! wow. good luck getting rid of those. So far I'm stuck in london at 11mph average speed.
  5. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] have to admit your tweaks made me think of new merc styling - perhaps audi wanted to distance themselves from those styling cues by being rather different? [/ QUOTE ] Perhaps BMW did too! [/ QUOTE ] good spot lol.

    can you plug these things in? Where my dad leaves his car has power plugs and all the big cars are left plugged in. Not sure if the S3 has it though. When i say big - I mean bently GT, arnage, S600 limo, some astons. the ferrari doesnt seem to have a plug though. But nobody EVER drives it. so ok if it doesn't start.
  7. 3 coupe is nice if a bit big. 1coupe looks far better on the street than online I have to admit. If only they had made the 3 coupe more compact rather than a GT...then again, you can fit four in the 3 coupe which necessitates it's bulk. And it IS bulky. That 6 series could break mirrors too - very uneven styling. the front is from one car, rear boot from another. chopshop style.
  8. Received a package!

    just a note - this seems to be an increasingly common feature of gps systems. My Nokia E65 with maps2go will let me type in the full postcode, but in effect only finds the first four. e.g. AB1 2CD will only ever be accurate to AB1 2 on the phone for showing locations and caluclating routes....that is until you add street name or number etc. Interesting to see how many other mapping devices don't have full postcode search - US is 5 right? And I don't think that 1002 is enough to differentiate between 10025 and 10029 without street names.
  9. do you have any special dehumidifier buttons in the audis that you have to select? But really, climate control should work it all out. hmm. very weird as I thought they had dehumidifiers in there. Perhaps get someone to check that they system is fully working? replace carpets with rubber mats? dunno if that works.
  10. where are they all???

    Agreed - get an evoX for 33k if you can avoid badge snobbery. It is a very very compact car. or anything else for substance. But, i'm just thinking that in real life it looks nicer than in mags/online. bit cute for it's price. I wouldn't mind someone gifting me a 135i. It's residuals should be pretty bad (I hope/wish).... oh yes, forgot to add - any review that says four adults can sit in it as I read during the initial buzz is utter nonsense. someone could barely fit a thin briefcase inbetween front and back bench on the street (yes, people probably thought i was casing the car for a smash - sorry if it was your baby i had you worried over).
  11. "unique ‘light strips’ providing the car with plenty of individualism." well they can justify it any way they want. they didn't have to colour it orange. Red and white, ok, all greyed/frosted red ok. but orange lol.
  12. the rear does look like almost any other sporty fashionable coupe cabriolet. pug? punto? ford? Eos? clone?
  13. Ed30 Bluetooth options

    [ QUOTE ] Just to let you know that the VAG Bluetooth (module 1Z0 035 729) works perfectly with the RNS510, just as the pics show. No extra hardware or coding needed, when I plugged the RNS510 in instead of the MFD2 DVD the phone option worked immediately [/ QUOTE ] thanks - good to know
  14. I think that with a few tweaks they could make a very good S3 out of this. beefier front and all. However, I wish car makers would realise that along with black plastic door handles the only other thing that ages a car in looks is a visible yellow on the rear lights for the indicators (Like Z8 bmw or first A160 merc). Keep LED and nice monotone rear lights which rely on the lamp to change the colour.
  15. where are they all???

    seen quite a few on the street now in chelsea/kensington and belgravia. Most were 135is and one was a 123d. they look much better in person, it's quite shocking. Most are blue or silver. one was red.