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  1. Also lookin for a Tuscan, Help Needed!

    thax for detailed info i ask you more info in rebuilt engine? why people must rebuilt it?what the problem? is it true that the problems are before 2003 models or not? how can i feel if a car is maintened with care?are there a tricks? ciao thanx in advance mauro
  2. i need an help please!!!

    good morning to all the people i'm new i'm italian i invite all people to send me all informations related to TVR tuscan,sagaris and cerbera in particular i'd like to know all the information related to a possible my new car (tus,cer,sag): what i must check in particular in all models, what are the failures, is it true that tuscan before 2003 have serious engine problems etc etc? i'm oriented first in tuscan all info are welcomed thax to all that made me an hand and sorry for my scholastic english ciao mauro ps:if someone needs info for italian models, ask me without problems