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  1. Hi all, sold my E46 M3, running a diesel for dailly use now but want a Tuscan on the drive for Sundays and polishing, have around £15k/16k Whats available for that money and what considerations should I be making when looking at cars, best combo / mods / spec to go for. Thanks all M.
  2. TVR350 ?????? Shall I

    Hi all , am considering selling my BMW E46 2004 M3 and have alawys had a fancy for something with a more raw appeal just to bring out of the garage on sunny days and have a cheaper runaround for day to day motoring. In terms of looks the T350 really does it for me, budget up to 25k so should hopefully pick up a tidy example for that, any specifics I should be aware of when searching for a TVR T350 ?? Thanks