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  1. thanks for the welcome! Initially i thought it was just a one-off event... but it has happened more than a handful of times and i;'ve only had the car a week! and not just when its cold.. only happens in the low gears, and typical when you are driving on at say gear 3 at not too quick speeds and decide to apply more pressure onto the accelerator such that the gear does drop to 2 and speeds up. The jerk then happens when its transiting again from 2 to 3. BUT, not always
  2. i recently got my new golf gti (DSG) and noticed there was occasional jerking when changing gears on the lower end. This doesnt happen all the time but its noticable enough to bring it back to the dealer. They had no idea what could be causing this and said they would check back with Germany if any other such issues have been reported. does anyone know why this happens? they have tho told me they would replace the entire gear box if it cannot be resolved otherwise. But i would like to know for my own curiousity as to why this can happen. appreciate any help! thanks!