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  1. MK5 R32 Faults and Problems

    [ QUOTE ] dealer not speaking to me solicitor taking up case 32 visits to dealer in 5 months 60 hrs in workshop car is rubbish for 30K. the dealer and customer service is c**p. [/ QUOTE ] Im glad some one else is having problems like me..........not in a bad way helps with my case i to are in the stage of seeking a solicitor to fight for my rights.....went to citizens advice and they say that i am right to ask for a replacement
  2. MK5 R32 milltek exhaust.. - 6k miles

    will you take an offer? if so PM me
  3. MK5 R32 milltek exhaust.. - 6k miles

    Hi is it just the milltek back?
  4. MK5 R32 18" ALLOY WHEELS

    <font color="red"> </font> SOLD
  5. Tripping the white fantastic

    [ QUOTE ] You'd better hurry up and do some miles in it, because you'll only go and sell it within a month Jon... [/ QUOTE ] Yeah let us know if it goes up for sale?
  6. Mk5 alloy wheel weight?

    Hi does any one know how much a mk5 alloy wheel weighes?
  7. Something for the weekend.....

    Looks very nice, i am still loving the white.
  8. MK5 R32 18" ALLOY WHEELS

    Any offers welcome i have these listed on pistonheads for 700pounds
  9. New M3 Owners

    To say that this car is ment to have a massive waiting list there seems to be quite a few on autotrader? and a few of them at quite resonable prices?
  10. New M3 Owners

    Im still unsure when i went into the dealers they did say that white was the new black for 2008, and the new M3 is being launched in white because of the Bmw racing car, and other maufacturers such as Mercs and lambo are also launcing in white, So that in mind it may hold its value more than black?
  11. New M3 Owners

    [ QUOTE ] I would hav to go for white Yes i would agree with you, but do you think that the re-sale value would be effected?
  12. New M3 Owners

    Hi i am thinking of getting a M3 new shape. i saw one go past me a few days ago and wasnt that imprest with the car because it just blended in think it may have been because it was black. So my question is what colour would you think i should get? also what colours did use get? please post some pictures on here for me to look at. Thanks
  13. MK5 R32 Faults and Problems

    Well after a week of emailing i finally got to speak to the branch manager yesterday, and he was very nice he is ok with replacing my car for NEW, he says i have to contribute but he said not a lot (will see what he says i have been to get legal advice and they said that i waqs right to persue for a new car and that i shouldnt have to put anything towards) if they had sorted the replacement out in the fisrt place around 12months ago then i wouldnt have put that much miles and used the car that much, which is why they say i have to contribute for usage of milage. Will keep you all updated. If anyone is interested in buying an R32 MK5 then once i have the replacement then i am going to sell, so please PM me if your are interested.
  14. How do we rate Auto Glym products

    I like a lot of there products, have been using them for ages i especially like there gloss protection and the deep shine polish also like there tyre shine,
  15. MK5 R32 18" ALLOY WHEELS

    [ QUOTE ] Still for sale Will consider sensible offers, as i have no room in my house for them. [/ QUOTE ] Any offers welcome i have these listed on pistonheads for 700pounds