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  1. S3 No More

    [ QUOTE ] Dont worry Alison, at least u have still got a got little ounchy motor to replace ur gorgeous S3 with and if it does get too much u could always give me a shout and have a spin in mine to remind urself of the good times. I take it u will still be going to the next meets whenever they are ?? [/ QUOTE ] Thanks for the offer I might have to take you up on that one! If I'm still aloud I might come to the next meet, at this rate I'll still have the S3. I though germans were supposed to be efficient?????
  2. S3 No More

    Thanks for the sympathy guys, I'll miss you as much as the car (NOT!) Simple answer was that it was costing me more than my house Anyway I'm moving and I after careful consideration the investment in bricks and mortar was more worthy than the car (sad but true) So its hello to my shiny black Golf TDI (150!) on its way over from the fatherland. Wonder how long I'll have it before the old window tinting habits start itching?
  3. S3 No More

    Sorry (weep) to say (sniff) that my S3 (big sigh) is no more (slash wrists). Its gone to the big trade in in the sky Now the proud owner of a diesel Golf
  4. Next Northern Pub Meet - 17th September

    [ QUOTE ] LOL at least i didnt make false promises to turn up and then not show up. tut tut [/ QUOTE ] stop picking in me Having a really bad week. Might have to sell me car!!! Cheeky Smith Knight Fay just offered by 19k for it!
  5. Next Northern Pub Meet - 17th September

    [quote You didn't wrap your car round said tree I hope ? [/ QUOTE ] No thankfully! But I had a tree leaning on my roof, I deem the cutting down of said tree a little more important that sitting in the pub! (strange how priorities change as you get older ) Will be there next time I promise
  6. Next Northern Pub Meet - 17th September

    huge apols for not making it with my "Shiny S3"! Wasn't doing a Mo, had to see a man about a tree Promise I'll be there next time
  7. Rear Spoiler to match S3 Mirrors?

    Damn Mo I was thinking of spraying mine!!! Least it would make it look different than yours
  8. Next Northern Pub Meet - 17th September

    [ QUOTE ] Oh and by the way i do intend to make it to one of these meets sometime SOON !! [/ QUOTE ] Yeah right, like when??????
  9. Audi Chips

    [ QUOTE ] Now your being silly. I got the jam from my Shopper! [/ QUOTE ] They sell chips too, maybe you'd have less chance of sh*gging your engine up with some McCains
  10. How hard do you drive your A3/S3?

    ouch they look pants
  11. Next Northern Pub Meet - 17th September

    Did I tell you I was busty and blonde aswell!!! Oh the joys of the internet Shucks forgot I'd get found out anyway as I've already been to a meet! I'm okay, cars running like a dream (as always) How's yours doing?
  12. Audi Chips

    Did u buy your jam on e-bay too
  13. Next Northern Pub Meet - 17th September

    Hey, I'm not in the habit of picking up strange met I meet on the internet!!! By the way how ol are you Mo? I'm 18
  14. Got me an S3...

    Hi, nice but yellow!!! I'd start by changing the alloys
  15. S3 11 XXX

    M60 Barton Bridge last night. Tried to catch up and wave, but was thwarted by the ****ing traffic and had to turn off.