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  1. Monza 2 refurb

    Hi, I am thinking of getting my wheels refurbed as 3 of them have been curbed and are starting to corrode pretty bad. I know that Lepsons seems to be the place to go, but was hoping to get them done a little closer to home. Does anyone know of any places in the North of England who can refurb Monza's to the original diamond cut finish? I have spoken to one alloy refurbisher in Leeds who said that the best they could do would be a mirrorred finish.
  2. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Thanks TwoSheds
  3. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Currently running Conti sport contact 2's on 18" Monzas. Need to change fronts. not sure whether to stick with same or go for sport contact 3. Any suggestions? I will be putting the new tyres on the rear and moving old sport contact 2's from the rear at the front.
  4. Independant service

    Hi everyone, Just been warned that I need to get my 2nd long life service in the next 600 miles or 100 days. Has anyone used the independant Volkswagen Specialist in Huddersfield? Independant Volkswagen Specialists : Repairs Maintenance Huddersfield West Yorkshire planning on getting a quote from them, but would appreciate any feedback if anyone has used them before. Thanks
  5. Driver window problems

    I had a problem with mine in the last week too! After a one touch close it opened fully again on it's own and then one touch close wouldn't work. Mentioned it to the dealer when it was in this week, told me they had reset the window settings - whatever that means, but it has been fine since.
  6. Rear wiper fault

    No problem. Hope it helps.
  7. Servicing Rip Off

    Similar problem happened to me today. Booked car in as aircon had stopped blowing out cold air. Was told at the time it probably just needed re-gassing and this was not covered on warranty but would be as part of an aircon service. Had it done today as well as brake fluid service for £110. It didn't make the slightest bit of difference, still no cold air. Took it straight back when they looked at it again told me that the compressor had failed and would need another. Refunded the cost of the aircon service and is booked in next week to have the compressor replaced under warranty.
  8. Rear wiper fault

    Had it replaced today at the same time as brake fluid and airCON service, mentioned the technical bulletin and is now sorted. Thanks
  9. Rear wiper fault

    Thanks for the replies. I've already tried 2 dealers, both gave same answer, that was before I found out it was a common problem. I think your right Snoopy, they just can't be bothered. Its booked in on tuesday.
  10. Rear wiper fault

    I posted a long while ago about the rear wiper having a mind of it's own and dealer saying they couldn't find anything wrong. I was okeased to hear that this is a fairly common problem that can be sorted by replacing the rear wiper motor. As it doesn't happen that often I haven't bothered doing anything about it yet, but 2 year warranty is about to expire (import) so want to get the motor replaced before it runs out. Does anyone know if there is an official fault code for this problem? as I'd like to go to the dealer armed with this info - Knowledge is power!
  11. Just a couple of questions

    Thanks for the advice. [ QUOTE ] What were you using to apply it? [/ QUOTE ] I used auto glym perfect polishing cloths. Now got megs foam applicator pads and microfibre cloths to remove.
  12. Just a couple of questions

    Thanks, Oops! I've clayed my golf 2 or 3 times in the last 6 months!
  13. Just a couple of questions

    Hi, Having read through lots of very useful advice on this forum, there a couple of things I'd like to check. I have a diamond black Golf GTI, which has unfortunately picked up a few swirls, probably due to my poor wash technique, before I discovered this site! I don't have a PC and don't really trust myself with one so want to try and improve the appearance by hand. Am I right in thinking that Autoglym Super resin polish can be used to 'fill' the swirls? I have a bottle that is about 12 months old, I stopped using it because I thought that it's mild abrasives had contributed to the swirled appearance. Can you clay a car too often? I have been using Megs NXT tech wax, can I apply this on top of the SRP? Thanks
  14. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Hi Everyone, Hopefully someone can help me out. I'm planning to replace my fronts with continental sport contact 2 bought from tyre-shopper.co.uk and fitted by National Tyres in Huddersfield. Has anyone had any experience with either of these? I have 18" Monza II's with the metal valves. Am I best providing these myself, or hope that National have them? tyre-shopper say their price includes valves.