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  1. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I'd love to be 92Kgs - but then I am about a foot taller than you Edit - just weighed myself 99Kg - doing dry January, skipping the morning latte, having salad or sushi for lunch and bypassing the chocolate machine in the afternoon but still managed to put a kilo since New Year's Day
  2. Madness at the O2

    Gah - am already out on Saturday, otherwise I'd have had them off you! Went a couple of years ago and it was absolutely brilliant - best concert I've been to probably. Someone needs to buy them asap. Which block/row? I know some people going so will see if they need any more for friends.
  3. Sir Chris Hoy - Le Mans

    He's not the most exciting chap in the world is he......?
  4. Discuss.............

    Motor show girls, grid girls, Dreamboys, Chippendales - its all just eye candy for the opposite sex. Live and let live, I say.
  5. Harry's Garage

    Nah, Gas Monkey Garage would rebuild that.....
  6. Boxing thread

    They were fairly close when they weighed again this morning - Brook was 168.4 lbs and GGG was 167.8 lbs
  7. Which Apple laptop?

    So basically, don't buy anything at all for the time being?
  8. Which Apple laptop?

    Any more thoughts on when models arenlikely to be refreshed? I kind of drunkenly promised Molly a MacBook for her A-Levels but don't want to buy something that will be superseded next week.
  9. Brabus S600

    Whatever happened to Gulzar? He was a legend over on PH - did his own thing and didn't give a hoot what anybody thought.
  10. AM Vulcan

    Bosozoku style!
  11. AM Vulcan

    I think it's a fecking hideous looking thing - reminds me of this.....
  12. Introduction

  13. Re-spec'd M3

    I typed a response to that but decided against posting it, on the grounds of forum decency
  14. Re-spec'd M3

    I hate the ride on mine. Maybe you just drive like an old lady?
  15. Re-spec'd M3

    Is it on run flats? I'm on 19" RFTs and the ride on anything other than glass-smooth roads is bone-jarring to say the least.