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  1. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    The Essex Meet has migrated to Paternoster Square these days.
  2. Biscuits and Just_Chick

    My only question is - how the funk do you remember that NNMM has a Britney fixation? That last post is almost 4 years ago! Are you IanC’s alter-ego?
  3. The new TVR Griffith

    Yeah, what happened to Patently? I watched the live stream yesterday and have to say that I felt a little underwhelmed when it was revealed. Having had a little more time to think about why and look at some more pics, I think it's because it's a long way from what we have come to expect (and love?) about TVR - it seems to have take styling cues from several different cars. The front (and in particular the headlights) looks like a Marcos (with a bit of Mac 720s thrown in) and the back looks like a Toyota FT1. I like it from the rear 3/4 and the rear face-on but as much as I try, I just can't get to grips with the front view - it just doesn't scream TVR to me. I think that they could have done so much more with it. Not completely sold on the interior either. Historically, this has been where TVRs excelled - its 'ok' and there are bit that I like but equally, I think there are bits, such as the speedo console, that look horrendous. It looks like they had a gap and just plonked a rectangular unit of some description in there - it just doesn't flow like a TVR should. I'm sure it will sound amazing (if those side exits are allowed) and I wish them every sucesss, particularly (and selfishly) because I hope it will push the value of mine up, but if I was in the market for a sub £90k sports cars, I'd be looking closely at the new Corvette (C8?). They look similar but I think the Corvette is a better looking all-round package. And I'd be willing to bet that it sounds ok as well......
  4. Hotel near Worcester

    Nice one Mr B - Hogarths Stone Manor booked
  5. Hotel near Worcester

    Off to Worcester Races and then to Go Ape in the Wyre Forest at the end of September and need a nice hotel somewhere around either destination or in-between. TripAdvisor not throwing much up, so any suggestions gratefully received
  6. Ferrari

    1964 250 SWB. Yum!
  7. You're just really trustworthy
  8. New RS5

    Yeah, I probably will. Unless some lunatic decides to make me a silly offer. When did you say you were coming to view it?
  9. New RS5

    Doesn't leak. Much. Still got it. Still barely drive it. Really ought to sell up but I'm hanging on until the new TVR is launched (whenever that is) in the vain hope that it'll push prices of the old ones up a bit. I think I'd be in profit if I sold now but I'd kick myself if the went up 20% in the next year
  10. New RS5

    I've got one you could buy......
  11. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I'd love to be 92Kgs - but then I am about a foot taller than you Edit - just weighed myself 99Kg - doing dry January, skipping the morning latte, having salad or sushi for lunch and bypassing the chocolate machine in the afternoon but still managed to put a kilo since New Year's Day
  12. Madness at the O2

    Gah - am already out on Saturday, otherwise I'd have had them off you! Went a couple of years ago and it was absolutely brilliant - best concert I've been to probably. Someone needs to buy them asap. Which block/row? I know some people going so will see if they need any more for friends.
  13. Sir Chris Hoy - Le Mans

    He's not the most exciting chap in the world is he......?
  14. Discuss.............

    Motor show girls, grid girls, Dreamboys, Chippendales - its all just eye candy for the opposite sex. Live and let live, I say.
  15. Harry's Garage

    Nah, Gas Monkey Garage would rebuild that.....