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  1. Mercedes-Benz

    Hi, had a look around but haven't seen any Mercedes owners here - seems to be mostly VW Group. Was one of those in the past but now mine's a pre-facelist current model MB C Class. Anyone had their MBs modded?
  2. Remapping diesels

    Hi, my first post on here. I have a Mercedes C220 CDI 2009 model which I had remapped last year. The dyno figure, premods, was c. 167bhp / 312 ft/lbs torque. Afterwards - 202bhp with about 369 ft/lbs torque. I have to say it transformed the car and can thoroughly recommend it. There have no been no downsides, even the mpg is still good - it averages 40 mpg but is mainly used on local runs in a hilly area. Anyone else have a view on diesel tuning?
  3. B8 A4

    Anyone have news on availability of 2.0T FSI model? And what about DSG for a north south engine? Thanks Sliner
  4. RS4 / A4 Saloon Auto Boot Opening Retro fit?

    Mine has two "helpers" in the lower part of the trim around the bootlid aperture near the bumper. These push the bootlid up when the key is pressed / boot release in the door is used.